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What should I do in this situation? (Paypal issue!)

Asked by seekingwolf (10410points) January 21st, 2009

Okay, so here’s my story.

T-Mobile sent me a new phone by accident (it happens). Of course, I was billed for it. Because it was a new phone, I decided to sell on ebay for a slightly inflated price so I could pay back T-Mobile and make a profit.

I found someone who had an okay amount of seller feedback, all positive. She had a verified Paypal account and she bought the phone for its said price. She had emailed me some questions about the phone, but all was good, and she said she was happy with it. She left me positive feedback. That was in early September.

Come December, on the 26th exactly, she files a chargeback. She says that it was an unauthorized purchase, so she never paid for it, got it, etc.

I got really angry with the little tart. I sent all the emails, ebay messages, and the feedback she gave me to Paypal so they could reverse it. I know I’m in the right here.

(I know she was lying because she contacted me about the phone using her eBay, paid with Paypal account, AND her own email. She acknowledged receiving it too on the address that was on her paypal.)

Anyways, I get this notice back from Paypal. They’ve sided with me, but apparently too late because her credit card company got involved (didn’t hear MY side of the story) and gave her back the funds. My Paypal account is in the negative (I didn’t lose any actual money in this ordeal)...there is nothing I can do and nothing Paypal can do for me.

I want to just end my account there and get a new one. This woman scammed me and she knows it. I sent her an email and told her my side of the story and I told her that I KNOW she’s being fraudulent, but she didn’t respond.

No way in hell am I paying money for her bad deeds.
Any help here?

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The whole deal sounds shady. Why did they send you a phone? What model?

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What’s the user account name of the little tart? I’ll be sure not to sell anything to her. Also, if you’re willing to give your user account name, I’ll shop your stuff & will buy if I see something I can use. I hate injustice, liars, and people who take advantage of others. People who do this create the need for more Lawyers! Do we need more Lawyers? Your best first step is to call the Better Business Bureau.

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I think you misread. I sold the phone. I even explained on ebay that T-Mobile sent it to me by mistake and billed me for it, so I was selling it on ebay for profit. It was brand new and I never opened it. I was totally legit and she obviously wasn’t.


Oh I’d love to have some buyers, but I can’t sell as I have a negative paypal balance now from the little tart.

Her ebay name is para17tre. SCAMMER.
Her first name (I think) is Vase. She lives in Queens, NY.
I hope someone searching her ebay name sees this and sees that she’s a fraud.

This totally stinks!

Am I in trouble now that my Paypal is in negative? Will Paypal forcibly withdraw funds from my bank/debit card? I’m a college student, I have no money! I can’t afford this to happen.

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Why did they send phone? What model? I didn’t misread, I just want to start at the beginning.

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Ohhh T-Mobile you mean!

I was checking out the new phones on their site, because at the time I was thinking of upgrading. I clicked on one to see the specs (it was a Sidekick I believe) and then, it said “okay you’ve been upgraded. It’s on it’s way” or something. (there is NO confirm button or anything like that) It was very aggravating.

I tried calling within the minute to get it canceled, but it didn’t work.

Mistakes happen I guess.

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Oops, I mistyped her name. It’s papa17tre. who is a SCAMMER and I hope everyone sees this!

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Paypal has a buyer protection policy.
Hopefully, they have something for sellers?
Though I’ve noticed that they tend to favour buyers.

Personally, I think Paypal should refund your money.
They’re the middle man (between papa17tre and her bank).
If her bank refunded her without any proper verification, it’s kind of Paypal’s fault.
They should have dealt with it in a timely manner. I’m guessing they didn’t.

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From the Paypal site:
When a card company issues a chargeback on a PayPal transaction,
they’ll contact us for information to help decide whether or not
the buyer should be refunded.

Point this out to Paypal, that they were the ones who provided
the (lack of) information. Therefore, they should refund your balance.
Unless, they contacted you about the chargeback and you didn’t
provide them with all the necessary information in a timely manner.
In which case, you’re kind of shafted.

Good luck!

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I know right? I’ve been totally scammed.
As for not getting the information in quickly…haha, she filed the Chargeback at around 2 am on 12/26. I forgot to silence my phone so the email notification went off and jolted me awake.

I saw the email and felt pissed, so I went downstairs immediately, took screenshots and page links of EVERYTHING I needed to show and sent my rebuttal off.

I know I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m just worried about my future credit and having to pay this money…which I know I shouldn’t do. I already have emailed the woman twice, threatening to take it to court in which she could be charged with fraud AND she’d have to pay legal fees. From her emails, I could see that she was a real dumb chick and so I hoped this legal threat would make her reverse the fraudulent chargeback, but that wasn’t happened.

Once I’m done with my studying tonight, I’ll have some coffee, get fired up, and call Paypal about this. I know that I have done nothing to violate the TOS and I will let them know that if they hold me accountable for the money, I’m going to get a lawyer involved. I’ve read that for smaller negative balances (300 or less) Paypal does not want to get legally involved and may just settle it, esp. if there is some hint of fraud on the buyer’s end.

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I’m rooting for you.

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I’m a little nervous because I don’t like getting aggressive with business people twice my age unless I really have to. But, I can’t afford to pay back the negative balance, and I need to assert myself here.

paypal don’t got sh*t on me! pump it up!

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You should listen to the theme song from Rocky before you call them.

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haha I should! thank you :)

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Post some of you stuff on eBay & we’ll all look it over to help with your budget shortfall! Consider Pre-Paid Legal. A few words out of a local lawyers mouth & a chance to see his office decor, without any action even taken yet, will run you about $100 bucks. Which brings us back to us all buying your stuff on eBay…

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Aww guys it’s okay ><

I don’t have too many things of value. Just some electronic stuff…some craft-sy stuff…eh.

I am mostly worried about the measures Paypal will take against me. Will they just charge my bank/debit card? Will they sue me? I don’t want my credit ruined! The one thing of value that I have that I could get rid of is a lenevo x41 tablet. I got it through my dad and it’s the best thing he’s ever given me and I REALLY don’t want to get rid of it (sentimental value). Plus I like using it too.

I am going to call tonight or sometime in the morning when I can. I really need to get this settled.

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After 10 years of dealing with PayPal on and off I can tell you that all their claims about “Seller Protection” are pretty bogus.

Their main priority is keeping the transaction fee and not pay anything from their so-called useless “protection plans”.

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