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Why is Rush Limbaugh so mean?

Asked by cdwccrn (3610points) January 21st, 2009 from iPhone

Yesterday, he said, “I hope Obama fails?”. Why would he say such a thing on Inauguration Day? Whydoes he still have a job?

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Because people still listen to him! He has followers! He makes money!

He’s an embarrassment to Republicans. Not all of us are like him.

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His job isn’t to be nice. His job is to make money for the company that employs him. If he didn’t do it well enough, he’d have to find some other gig.

Similarly, why is Michael Moore so mean? Same reason, different side.

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Because his intentions are always to shock and awe, and he’s a douchebag

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Only a douchebag says things like this.

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The company that employs Rush Limbaugh is… Rush Limbaugh. He cannot be fired. Only his show dropped from radio stations that don’t want to pay for it.

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Because he is a drug addict and a hippocrite.

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Drug addicts? Wha..? What is he taking?
Or are you just kidding? :)

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He was addicted to pain killer prescription drugs. I think in 2006 he was actually arrested for trying to obtain some illegally.

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Republicans hate America, that is why. They want Obama to fail in order to create a Fascist, Racist, Theocracy.
It is really quite simple, the Hannities, Rush, and other Neo-con-enabling-Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution now that they’ve scrapped 80% of the Bill of Rights.

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yeah honestly I know there are some pretty tough anti republican pundits, but I don’t know if I ever recalled anything like I hope bush fails or half the other outrageous things Rush says. I would be embarrased to have a guy like him talking about the democratic party. Atleast when democrats bash the G.O.P. its based in some kind of logic, Rush just pulls stuff out of his ass and spews it on everyone who will listen. Which is fine by me, the more that guy talks the more it turns people off to the republicans because they can see right through his bull shit.

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He gets ratings. People listen to him because they agree with him; people listen to him because they want to hear what outrageously mean thing he’s going to say next.

If he were nice, his ratings would probably plummet.

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Hey, easy with the generalizations. And I never thought I’d hear someone say that “Republicans hate America.” I always heard people say it was the Democrats.

Your comment is so ridiculous it made me laugh. If you actually believe that crap…wow, no words.

I had no idea Rush was addicted to pain meds. I wonder if he had gotten them for medical condition and then became addicted? That’s more common than people think.

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@seekingwolf Possibly, but he was buying them on the black market, apparently [article above]. That’s not so very ‘innocent victim’. And he’s at the front of the line condemning drug addicts. I’ve never taken him seriously, but when that happened I was hoping the rest of the universe would write him off as well.

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Mizuki: You’ve got to be kidding me. Not only did you place all republicans in your pathetic overly simplified stereotype but you actually stated that republicans have scrapped 80% of the bill of rights. How about you back up your bullshit with some sort of fact (Just one fact, hell I’ll even settle for a link because I’m sure your dumbass has no idea what the first 10 amendments are anyways). It’s because of people like you that dipshit people like Rush want Obama to fail. So they can say, “See in your face idiot, you voted him in, and he fucking destroyed the world”.

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Seekingwolf—nice defense of Rush…..huh, I didn’t know…..

Problem with Republicans—they don’t take the time to read, like, books, and therefore, they, ahem….“don’t know” why they hate America, they just do with there actions, and blame democrats…..go figure…..ditto….ditto….ditto…..ditto

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(cough) bullshit (cough) ignorant, mean-spirited stupid bullshit (cough)

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Yeah I know what he did was wrong, I am just curious on HOW he got addicted to painkillers that’s all.


Who said I was defending him? I don’t like the guy.
see my first post I called him an EMBARRASSMENT to Republicans.

Actually, I read a lot of books. Reading is one of my hobbies. I also know Spanish, Latin, and am learning ancient Greek. Before you dare to call Republicans “stupid”, you should actually talk to some of them.

You should stop now before you embarrass yourself further.

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Rush is a moron and most of his fans are morons. The 2 party system is moronic as well. Dem or Rep, there are morons that advocate for both sides. Jesus! There was a man selling Obama air freshners at the inauguration yesterday. He said they smelled like hope. Let’s try not to point fingers yet. Obama still has not done shit aside from a good speech and a good speech means nothing.

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Rush is a self-loathing drug addict who hates everyone. And he is very good at being himself.

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I think the problem most people have with Rush being addicted to painkillers (myself included) is that he has made statements that basically said if you violate the drug laws you should definitely go to prison. Years later it is found out that he was abusing OxyContin (which is a terribly powerful and addictive drug – on the same lines as heroin) for many years. His housekeeper alleged that he took up to 30 pills a day.

Basically, he was stoned on a powerful opioids while at the same time he was railing against drug use.

That’s my big problem. It’s the hypocrisy, not the addiction, that I have a huge problem with.

And as an aside, I can’t believe he would say something like “I hope Obama fails.” I think that’s an incredibly insidious comment. Surely he realizes that if Obama fails, the whole country takes a major hit, which affects everyone, even his loyal listeners.

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Yeah that hypocrisy is really bad >< almost laughable.
Is he still addicted to this day? Or did he somehow seek treatment?

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It’s simple: national unity would be the end of Rush Limbaugh. His worst nightmare would be that every one rally behind a successful president of either party. It’s only the dynamics of partisan warfare that keeps him going, so it’s in his interest to fuel it.

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Oh, that’s very true.
I remember hearing about one of his rants before the Democratic primary. At that point, most people felt that Obama would be the nominee. Rush went on his radio show and was trying to convince his followers to (if they could) vote in the Democratic primary for Hillary, or even going so far as to register as a Democrat to do so!

What an ass. Rush only did that because he wanted the dems to fragment, giving Republicans an edge! So stupid.

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Rush is still on the air because he makes money. Just like all the other mean spirited talk show hosts from Michael Savage to Howard Stern, he makes money.

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i’m not a repubican, but i think it’s a shame that to some people he represents the entire party. maybe michael moore is a douche, but i’d rather have him be the ‘spokesperson’, so to speak, than rush limbaugh.

and i know this isn’t my business, but @mizuki, generalizing an entire party of people in the way you did certainly makes you look worse than any of the people you seem to know all of these horrible character traits of…i’m definitely far from republican, and do not agree whatsoever with most of their stances on things, but to try to invalidate an entire party’s opinions is ridiculous.

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He is a fuckwad. It’s his whole job, being a fuckwad.

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@tiffyandthewall—nice defense of those you disagree with….can anyone say, cognitive dissonance?

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@Mizuki…can anyone say “troll”?

tiffy isn’t republican, but still understands your generalizations are stupid.

You’re being an ignorant judgmental wart, just like Rush. Congrats.

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actually, i think it was something called ‘maturity’, to accept that just because others have views that oppose mine and are part of a party that has repulsive representatives does not mean that all of the individuals are garbage.
< / off topic bullshit >

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@Mizuki: Your true colors are so vivid, and offensive. You were so offended by the (not-private) pm I sent you; and yet you sling insults like those above without hesitation. You’re no different than Rush; just speaking out of the other side of your mouth. Beautifully done.

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bythebay——what makes you so angry and bitter? and so far from the question thread?

Seekingwolk——nice personal attack name calling. Thank you for adding to the discussion

One of the above brilliant minds make a case that Republicans have not destroyed America…please make that case instead of playground name calling.

Make a case.

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@Mizuki: Perhaps you should look up inductive generalization.

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Perhaps one should make a case for their thoughts as opposed to name calling—but that might be a lot to ask….....for some

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I agree, perhaps you should make a dignified and factual case for how conservatives have dismantled 80% of the constitution, instead of notioning the thought that conservatives are un-American and hateful.

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I said Bill of Rights, and this vid will suffice, since we’ve discussed before, and your view of the world is like concrete—unalterable, but the vid captures that which an openminded teachable person would consider…..

Did not conservatives express wishes that Obama fail? Is that not akin to wishing for the destruction of America? (The conservatives have already destroyed the economy through deregulation and tax cuts)

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Your opinions are baseless, biased, and stereotyping.
Just because some hateful conservatives wish Obama to fall doesn’t mean that all do. Although I did vote for Obama, I don’t want him to fail because having the US improve is more important than having “one of us” in the White House.

Honestly, I’m starting to pity you. All you are doing here is spewing out inflammatory comments and baseless opinions, all while offending people, and yet, you don’t even realize how hurtful you are.

Perhaps you should get out more? Try volunteer work, or just go out and meet others. Or get a job if you don’t have one. You’ll see that society doesn’t fit into your dichotomous skewed view of the world.

Unlike you, I have better things to do then bash others and thus, I am not following this thread anymore. Farewell.

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Since bythebay referred to the PM she wrote me (i think she has a crush on me) it has become relevant. Below is the PM bythebay sent me last week:

1 week ago bythebay said :
Fluther is a place where we are all permitted to post (within) reason) whatever we would like, however, decorum and taste are always in fashion. From reading your previous posts where you have aired all your dirty laundry, misinformation and poor taste, it appears as though your problems; financial and otherwise, are self created and due to poor decisions on the part of you and your brilliant husbands part. It’s certainly easy though to blame it all on the government or someone else.

In the future, it would be tasteful of you to decline from stereo-typing me with your movie references. I understand if this is too hard for you. Honestly, the names I would like to call you would get me booted from Fluther and you’re certainly not worth that. I thought you were going to swim the Rio Grande in search of a better job; shame you never left.

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seekingwolf—I have an excellent recipes for “dichotomous skew” if you wish, PM me and I will send it to you.

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I’m done here

Mizuki's avatar

removed by me

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Ignorant doesn’t even begin to describe you Mizuki. Pathetic is getting closer…

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Dichotomous stew doesn’t sound very appetizing. :(

@bythebay You were right in that wall post.

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@seekingwolf: I would like to point out that he/she’s been sending that to people on fluther in an effort to try and make a point about me, but I never made it private in the first place.

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Thank you Mrs Stepford

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No, thank you Mizuki – for once again making my point for me!
Wise move of you to remove that post above; and didn’t you say you were done here?

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@Mizuki: That is a bogus argument which because of a minor flaw in the way the Act was written had been criticised. The suspension of Habeas Corpus (Military Commissions Act) was designed to, “Establish procedures governing the use of military commissions to try alien unlawful enemy combatants engaged in hostilities against the United States for violations of the law of war and other offenses triable by military commission.”

The law which people felt could be left up to interpretation does not affect the rights of of Habeas Corpus for US citizens but only affects non US citizens or those citizens waging war against the US.

First it wouldn’t hold up in a court of law because the way the bill was written, and second if you could disprove any scope of the Act the bill will be void in the court of law and thrown out.

It is pretty bold of you to represent somebody you know nothing about as an American hater and unamerican. Second it’s judgmental, rash, and hypocritical of you to make the statement that my philosophy and beliefs are all grounded in concrete? I actually considered the fact that you had some sort of basis for your argument and was curious about your hatred of conservatism.

EDIT: I would also like to note that it was not only conservatives that brought about deregulation. Reagan played a role in deregulating the banks but Clinton also played a vital role in signing the GLBA.

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Interesting article in the Telegraph with insight into Limbaugh’s humor, drug addiction, weight loss, and deafness… plus the usual political positioning, too.

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Rush Limbaugh didn’t say he hopes Obama fails to be mean. His intent was quite the opposite.

Since Obama’s agenda is unhealthy for American citizens I also hope he fails to implement his policies.

Rush and I have this hope out of kindness, not meaness.

Just because you aren’t able to understand Limbaugh’s reasoning doesn’t mean he should go out of business.

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But hey.

While we’re on the subject of things that shouldn’t have been said on inauguration day:

What about Dr. Joseph Lowery saying “White will do what’s right” in his benediction? WTF is that racist crap? Why the hell does he still have a job?

What about our new attorney general, Eric Holder, thanking voters for electing his boss by calling us “cowards”? why does he still have a job??

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Market share=advertising revenue. Obviously someone listens to his sludge.

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