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What sort of clothes do I need to work out?

Asked by Fieryspoon (1058points) January 21st, 2009

I’m a swimmer and that’s generally only exercise I ever get. I’ve never really lifted weights, but I want to start.

I’ve never had to deal with gym clothes, really. I have some gym shorts, but my only underpants are boxer shorts.

This might be a stupid question, but do I need to get tighty whities for the gym? You know, because boxer shorts are open on the bottom…

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I imagine you’d want tightie whities or boxer briefs to keep things, well, more snug and in place and out of danger. Of course, not having a penis myself, I’m not sure how necessary this is in regards to weight lifting.

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it really doesnt matter as long as your comfortable. though I guess you kinda wanna match the other weight lifting regulars, so just a plain shirt of some type and some loose shorts with what ever shoes you feel like wearing and ankle socks. dont go with the shin high socks that looks dorky.

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It depends on how baggy your shorts are, and how long the legs are, and what activities you’re doing. Overall the idea is to be comfortable and decently dressed—if you’re likely to flop out, as it were, you might want to wear something with more support.

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You want clothes that breathe, are able to move with you comfortably, don’t get in the way of whatever equipment you’re using (super big ‘n’ loose T-shirts aren’t a good idea) and can wick away perspiration effectively to keep you cool and dry as you sweat and your body temp rises (or else you get zits on your back). Lulumon Athletica makes good stuff, and Champion at Target for the lower end.

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I wear boxers all the time. If someone wants to look at my balls while Im in the gym then that is their “problem”

tshirt, shorts and sneakers…. thats all you need

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