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Switching propane tanks efficiently?

Asked by Grisson (4634points) January 21st, 2009

I have a propane heater that heats a small greenhouse. It uses the 20lb propane tanks that I get exchanged at the local drugstore or gas station when empty. I have two tanks, so I can refill one while the other is running and always have a standby. My problem is that if one tank runs out at 3 AM, my plants still freeze before I can exchange the tank. If I don’t wait for the tank to be empty to exchange it, then I’m losing propane (and my Scottish nature will not allow that!)

Does anybody have any ideas for switching tanks automatically when one is empty? Or any other clever ways of solving this problem?

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Maybe something like this?

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@jasongarrett Awesome! Thank you!

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Do you have natural gas available? The orifices in your heater may be able to be swapped and natural gas would be an uninterrupted supply.

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@jholler I have considered that. It would be a fairly long run of gas line, but in the long run it might be worth it.

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I just have to post to say I really covet your greenhouse

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