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Has anyone written or recorded messages to be delivered after their death?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) January 21st, 2009

Who will get your messages, and what did you say?

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I got one from my Mom, and it makes me not want to leave one for after I’m gone. It was just too creepy for my taste.

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No. I do, however (no joke), have arrangements made to have Sir-Mix-Alot’s Baby Got Back played in an endless loop during my visitation. My posthumous snicker as it were.

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To a degree most people do, but we call it a will.

I have a letter to be delivered, that makes sure the right people know where to find ins policies, keys, bank accounts, contracts, and the like.

There are some personal messages, but it is mostly information.

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My husband left a letter he wanted read at his funeral. It was really touching and heartwarming, actually.

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My parents recorded something when I was really young. I found it accidentally, heard a couple of seconds, then taped over it. I don’t even know what it was saying. Probably that I’m adopted. Ah well…

They have left me and my sister a letter, but we’ve already read that too.

And I have left a hard disk for my lawyer in case I get killed. But it’s mainly legal evidence, not anything directed to my daughter. Though there are all her pictures in there. Plus all my songs, unpublished stuff she might want and so on.

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I haven’t but this is giving me ideas. I probably should leave a list of my passwords, so my wife can cancel all my Internet site accounts. I like her to be able to tell you guys that you can stop hating me now, I’m dead. :-)

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Oh yeah, @evelyns – at least so my wife can change the passwords. Really good idea.

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and don’t forget to leave her the password for all those embarassing porno sites too :P

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funny you guys should mention that, my wife already knows where I go on the Internet, you see, we have an honest relationship. I don’t have any secrets from my wife. She is the one person I respect enough to tell her EVERYTHING. She doesn’t know my passwords because she isn’t that computer literate. But hey, believe what you want, I have nothing to prove to anyone on here.

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Yes, but since the person to whom the letter was addressed is now dead I have recovered it from my attorney and destroyed it. It was basically a reiteration of things I had already told her. My deepest thanks to her for making my life worth living. Some explanations as to why my will was worded the way it was.

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