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Anyone else a member of the Hillbilly Nation?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) January 21st, 2009 from iPhone

I lost a filling about a year and a half ago. The tooth would hurt, then not hurt, hurt then not hurt. This Monday the hurt jacked up exponentionally and I found a dentist kind enough to get a non-regular patient, self pay, fella like myself in that day and extract the cause of my torment. I work in the country and now have the hole in my grin to prove it. Anyone else missing some pearly whites they could’nt afford to fix or replace?

before the uproar, i am using the word ‘hillbilly’ affectionately

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I lost my top two front teeth when I took a line drive to the face about 2 years ago. I now have fake teeth. So, I am kind of a member…. and I live in TN so everyone thinks we are all “hillbillies”, so sure.

Welcome to the club

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Member present… but not for missing teeth. Still have all of my original pearly whites :D

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I am! It’s way in the back though.

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I have one way in the back that cracked. Hurts like a bitch. No insurance, $2800 to fix it. I’m thinking about just having it pulled, but I don’t want to look like a hillbilly. So funny you brought this up!!

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I had one of my bottom front teeth knocked out a few years ago (while having a hysterectomy if you can believe it!) My bottom teeth were very crowded so it only left a small gap, but god it pained me! I was so self conscious until I got it fixed. And…I live in West Virginia :(

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@augustlan, dare i ask?
how does that happen? having your tooth knocked out during a hysterectomy?

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It was a little loose going in, and I have a very small mouth combined with an acute angle down the throat. They had a hell of a time getting the breathing tube down my throat, and during the 1/2 hour struggle (of which I was blissfully unaware) knocked out the tooth. They brought it to me in recovery in a prescription pill bottle and said “sorry!”

They actually almost cancelled my surgery because they couldn’t get the damn tube in, but ended up using a child sized one. I had to stay in the hospital for throat complications! The actual hysterectomy was a piece of cake compared to the damage done to my windpipe!

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aaaah, breathing tube! i get it now. i was just imagining all these really unusual strange circumstance, and they were all freaking me out. not that what you went through wouldn’t freak me out a lot if it was me! i can only imagine! that sounds like a really harrowing experience!

it’s amazing – i hear stories like that all the time though! my mom works in health care, and she’s always telling me about the patient who went into the hospital with a heart attack, and then ended up staying there 3 weeks having their skin grafted because the staff ripped if off by changing a dressing improperly. it’s really sad, actually.

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@Blondesjon – I guess now the only question is: Can a man be raped?

Did anyone else just hear a banjo playing?

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