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If you go to the doctor because you think you have a yeast infection, do they look "down there"?

Asked by Breanna93 (43points) January 21st, 2009
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Why wouldn’t they?

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Nope, they don’t.

They may want to do a swab of that area though. in that case, they often give you a sterile cotton swab and you go into the bathroom and do it yourself. Then they will look at that sample under the microscope to look for yeast and other abnormalities.

They will ask you questions too…often about birth control, sex, washing, etc.

I’m sorry if you have it, it is irritating! Hang in there!

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“The only definitive way to diagnose a vaginal yeast infection is to complete a full gynecologic exam.”

And I can’t imagine any Gyn. not doing his own swabbing under sterile conditions and using a speculum.

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Whoa, really?

My mother and I have both had such infections, and we were never given the gyno exam to check. Perhaps it’s for really extreme cases? I can’t imagine all other doctors do that.

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That ‘s the general consensus on the reputable med. sites.

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Yep, they do.

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They do, I speak from experience, it’s not a big deal at all.

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Perhaps it’s up to the doctor’s discretion then. Sure, it’s best to do a full gyno exam to make sure that it’s the problem, but then maybe they feel it’s unnecessary with certain patients who may not be at risk for other related problems.

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No offense but I wouldn’t go to one who DIDN’T look down there….that’s like a mechanic listening to you describe your “thump-thump-thump” and say, Yep, that’s the carburetor, all right….that’ll be $150

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if they want a proper sterile culture, then the doctor should do the swabbing, not the patient

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Yeah I know…although mine always let me do it because I didn’t want them to do it (I have a weird thing about strange people poking around that area with wooden things). I never felt that was the norm though.

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They do, and really I don’t think you would want to see a doctor who doesn’t. It is pretty important to confirm exactly what is going on “down there.”

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the idea that that would occur is why i took an interest in becoming an ob/gyn. (plus my love of jobs that have lots of letters in them)

if you DON’T give it the old looky-loo, i just might have to go back to my previous career: rock star astronaut.

damn cotton swabs.

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Heh, I know. She’s not a very good doctor, but I’ll just stick with her for now.
I just need someone to get me my antidepressants, etc. for every month because without them, OH boy, that’s fun.

I’m not so worried about “down there”. I don’t do anything sexually risky, am monogamous, and always use 2 types of birth control/STD, even though we are both certified clean. Totally not worried.

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Don’t be afraid to let him/her take a look. Trust me, yours isn’t special (in that context) and they look at vag all day long.

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Just out of curiosity, have you been taking antibiotics? Many times an infection is the result of taking antibiotics. Then you can just go buy monistat or whatever. But if this is the first time you have it, you should go to the doc.

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Birth control pill is also a common cause of a yeast infection.
So is sitting around in damp clothes a lot. (like a swimsuit)

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Yes, I would look “down there”. A yeast infection is one of several things that can cause itching and burning, and so, a physical examination is a must.

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If it is serious enough to go to the doctor, they are going to look, they (or their nurse) will harvest the sample for testing. An OTC will not due, or you would not have needed to go to the doctor.

Any reputable doctor is not going to give you an Rx without being positive that is what it is. Besides ID’ing what kind of infection it is, they also need to see how wide spread it is. It is also important to know if it is a surface infection or internal to know which medicine to prescribe and the proper strength.

It could be something else, young girls especially those who have not had one before, may not know the difference between yeast infection and a urinary track infection.

While there is nothing wrong with modesty, half the people in the world have the same parts as you.

To honorable doctors, what you have “down there” is not sex parts, they are just parts. If you don’t want your doctor looking, it is time to get another doctor, one you feel comfortable with.

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And all reputable Doctors. whether GYNs, Family Practitioners, or Internists (all of whom have done pap smears “down there” for me) always bring in the nurse in order to avoid any taint of impropriety.

I got a yeast infection after chemotherapy, which does not select which cells it kills. Treatment was easy.

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@gailcalled i know it’s silly, but you used the word ‘taint” in this discussion. thank you.

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Why silly?I still look up words I don’t know. I’ve been doing it since I learned how to read.

Just add it to your vocabulary. Will Rogers said, “Use a word three times and it is yours.”

I am paraphrasing.

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@gailcalled oh, taint has been a part of my vocabulary for years. Might I suggest this link (entry 3 or 4).

…as the actress said to the bishop.

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Nah…not for me, but thanks anyway.

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I’m going to be acting in the Vagina Monologues. This thread is prepping me!

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Under the circumstances, it’s normal for the doctor to look “down there”. I’d worry, however, if he takes off his clothes first.

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@Mr_M dude, you just blew my cover. dammit

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And to think I PURPOSELY avoided mentioning your name!

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@Mr_M Dr. Sexy McBoner, MD, PhD, OPP at your cervix <tips hat>

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@eponymoushipster, I have a Polaroid that takes GREAT chest x-rays. Maybe I can work for you!

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@Mr_M hired. but you get the fatties. sorry, i didn’t go to sexy doctor school for 6 years for that….

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Well, this question certainly got derailed.

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LOL! Reading the exchange between @eponymoushipster and @gailcalled, when eponymoushipster said “You used the word taint.” I hadn’t read Gails post at that point, and my first thought was “Tell me it taint so!” LOL!

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Yes and they look “down there” when you have babies, too!

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