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What if one day, you woke up and you were a flying panda?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) January 21st, 2009

Or a regular panda? Because i had a dream last night that was really realistic, I was a flying Panda who lived in New York and I was like a “Hancock-like” superhero.
What would you do if you were a flying panda?

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Jump off tall buildings. Scare small children. Eat bamboo.

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If I were a flying Panda, I would fly over your house and eat your computer.

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sad to say, probably be captured by scientists of some sort and isolated and experimented on, and then probably get tons of publicity for not only turning into a panda, but turning into a flying panda. oh and don’t forget, you’ll also be accused of being a fraud. as if you could fake being a flying panda.
however i bet there are tons of perks too. i see tons of movie opportunities, and maybe an autobiography in the works.

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Best day ever.
I would travel the United States Elementary schools and teach them about Sexual Harassment. i would be Sexual Harassment Panda!

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I would cry a little because it would be so amazing.

Since I’m a superhero, I guess I would have to be superhero-y and get a side-kick. Then I would have to make a costume, a disguise, find a secret lair, and finally come up with a catchy name/slogan. Naturally I would eat bamboo <3 My lair would be a bamboo monastery.

Then (after much practice at perfecting my newly found powers) I would fly around and save the world from the treacherous evil do-ers

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I would eat a bowl of lucky charms while watching The View. I would get mad at Elizabeth for saying something stupid, like “George Bush was a wonderful president and someday you people will appreciate him”. Then I would fly over to The View and poop in her lunch. I can do that because pandas don’t know they shouldn’t poop in peoples lunches. I hope she will be eating chili for lunch.

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@Kiev749 1) Love your handle 2) Sexual Harrassment….Panda.

if i was a flying panda, i have to admit, i would probably drop panda poo on the heads and automobiles of unsuspecting individuals.

wouldn’t it be great if panda poo was like a black and white cookie, or like a ying-yang symbol? it’d be just wow.

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@elijahsuicide I put some lurve in your lunch!

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@eponymoushipster Lurve for the South Park reference

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Legend tells of a legendary warrior whos kung fu skills were the stuff of legend.

So sad that you would want to poop in someones lunch, just because you disagreed with them. Just sayin’

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What an awesome day that would be! I would fly around, swoop down and give everyone panda bear hugs.

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I´d probably freak out… then eat a lot of bamboo…

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@jonsblond Im just being silly. Jeesh.

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@elijahsuicide Oh, I thought this was a serious question. My bad! :) us flying pandas take things seriously

I did quote Kung Fu Panda by the way. Such a serious movie

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@jonsblond I never saw Kung Foo Panda. Sorry.

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