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Who said this quote?

Asked by skibum (45points) January 21st, 2009

We have over looked appearances ignored misconceptions recognized color is blind focused on views and remembered the dream

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I googled to no avail, I have failed, I am indeed sorry.

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Barack Obama?
Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Rosa Parks?
Maya Angelou?

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I’m guessing Obama, since it’s in the tags.
@skibum Do you know who said it, or are you really asking?

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Pretty sure that was Obama, but I don’t like the quote.. sounds wishy washy

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Correctly punctuated, it reads better:

“We have overlooked appearances, ignored misconceptions, recognized color is blind, focused on views, and remembered The Dream.”

The “focused on views” reads awkwardly. Perhaps it’s “focused our views”?

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It was on the back of a shirt i bought at the inauguration, i thought it was Obama but looked through his speechs and couldnt find it, i dont know who it is, and i also googled it and failed.

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It sounds to me very much like it could be a quote from Jesse Jackson or another civil rights worker. Doesn’t sound like Obama to me.

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