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Illustrator problems!! Please Help!

Asked by Designer (113points) January 22nd, 2009

Why cant i rescale or resize anything on my illustrator??? an image or an object or anything! if i select the object it supposed to have like white boxes on the corners to rescale or resize but i dont have them now!! i tried everything! its not working for about 2 weeks now for any illustrator file i have, please help me ASAP.. what’s wrong with the program?

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is the layer locked? check the layers window

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no its not, even if i opened a new illustrtor file and i just creater a blank box or anything i still cant rescale it :/

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Type strg+b on windows, cmd+b on mac.

Or look in “view” and enable ‘show bounding marks’ or something along those lines.

Happened to me once too..

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omg thank you thank you thank you thank you!! u saved my life!!!!! ;*

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You’re welcome :)

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You can scale without the bounding box showing by using the Scale Tool or Free Transform Tool instead of the Selection Tool. The bounding box appears when you click on the object with those tools.

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