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what's the best vegetarian restaurant you've been to? and where is it??

Asked by benjiwitz (63points) November 19th, 2006
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in Washington, DC: Harmony Cafe, Soul Vegetarian, Sunflower Cafe, and Java Green
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in New York City: Red Bamboo, Vegetarian Paradise 2, and Zan Palate
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in St. Louis: Eternity Vegetarian
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in Atlanta: There are two really good Soul Vegetarian restaurants...
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in Los Angeles: Native Foods!
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Seattle has a really really good vegetarian thai place... with an amazing lunch brunch.
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some place in montreal i forget the name of it
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in Montreal: Chu Chi is also an amazing vegetarian thai place...
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in san francisco, Greens and Millenium are both really good
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Seattle - lower queene anne, chinese restaurant, really really good. and kosher.
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Cafe Flora, in Madison Valley in Seattle, is delicious. skfinkel, you should try it, if you haven't.
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in san francisco: golden era
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Sunflower Cafe in Atlanta!
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New York: I'm sitting at Snice right now by W. 12th Street and Hudson and it's snice.
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I don't know if it's the best but Paru's in Los Angeles is an all vegetarian Indian restaurant that specializes in souther Indian food. pretty good shizz
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Millenium in SF is freakin amazing if you're going super-gourmet. Cafe Gratitude only if you're totally hippied out....
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there's this tiny rasta hut in berkeley that does the best smoothies and sandwiches ever. across from ashby bart. all veggie.
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In San Francisco: Millenium (its actually vegan and you'd never know it!) Amazing food, sorta on the fancy more expensive side.
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New York - zen palate, angelica kitchen
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The Green Symphony -- a chinese vegetarian restaraunt in New Rochelle, NY. DELICIOUS!
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In evanston (near Northwestern University) I once went to Blind Faith Cafe and it was *really* good.
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Columbus, Ohio: Northstar Cafe in the Short North
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Is Green Symphony in New Rochelle still in business? I called them, and their number was disconnected :-(

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yea, i was going to say the Green Symphony in New Rochelle too. i’m also not sure if it’s still in business but if it is, it is DEFINITELY worth the trip.

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Millennium in New York is great, but it will set you back quite a bit. think over 50 dollar per person. and thats without drinks.

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