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Are you brilliant?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) January 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

I’m not asking if you are smart, that’s been asked before. I want to know if you are brilliant. How clever are you? Examples of your cleverness would be appreciated.
Modesty forbids me to answer my own question.

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I am moderately clever…just moderately.
Some examples of my clever-ness…

1) I figured out how to tether with my Verizon Razr without any help (I was quite pleased with myself.)

2) When my father told me “I am a realist. I don’t think anything is particularly bad or good. I do not have a black and white view of the world like idealists do. Idealism is bad.” I told him “well aren’t you an idealist since you think something is bad? You just said idealism is bad.” I was 10 at the time and he got owned!

3) I’m known for correcting my Latin prof. Ever since high school…I notice all the mistakes that they make and I just can’t keep my fat mouth shut.

4) The Radioshack guy gave me a free 2GB thumbdrive because I gave advice on wireless routers and he felt grateful. YAY

That’s the end of my cleverness! Like I said, I’m not much more clever than anyone else. Everyone has their own stories of genius :)

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I’m autodidactic in certain areas (computers, software, design/art media, handy-man type stuff). This is perceived as clever by some folks I know.

I don’t think I’m clever – and certainly not brilliant (my wife claims I am, but I think she is simply being nice/motivational).

I am, however, very clever when it comes to sneaking chocolate chip cookies.

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Yes, i’m very clever.
Oh, and brilliant.

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Doubtful. If I were brilliant, wouldn’t I be more successful?

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“Modesty forbids me to answer my own question.”

Well, if you didn’t think yourself brilliant in an immodest way, then modesty would not be necessary to answer your own question.

I don’t see why it would be “immodest” to display your own cleverness or brillancy, as long as you do it modestly. I’d think the most modest way of doing this is not to say, “I’m brilliant because such-n-such-n-such,” but to just display brilliancy in the way you respond to the question.

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It would help if we could be provided some criteria for cleverness and brilliance. As it stands, this question is merely a reflection of an individual’s self-esteem. It could also be a reflection of their level of self-effacement, as well. Some of us were brought up never to brag, and to always deny that we are better than anyone else in any way, should someone accuse us of that kind of thing.

Given all that, I can say that I am positively not brilliant. I think some people might think I was mildly clever.

Of course, I could also give you the joke answer….

Not today. I did not wear my reflector shields.

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Lurve to Daloon.

But since we’re all bioluminescent jellyfish…

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Look at me! Need I say more?

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When I took the math GRE I felt like I was firing on all cylinders and was certain I had aced every question. I finished it and went back to review my work, and when I got to the end again I realized that I had jumped a question 2 pages from the end. I went back an frantically corrected, but only got one page corrected before time was called.

I still got in the 99th percentile. I was rather proud of that.

That was a long ago and far away, and I would probably flunk a calculus test if I had to take it now.

Brilliance is relative, transient, and tempered by dumb luck.

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You’ll all find out soon enough. Bwahahaha. Ha.

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There was probably a time when I was young that I thought I was rather clever. I did well in school. Since venturing out in the real world I realized how non-brilliant I am.

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@Introverted_Leo- It’s called humor. It’s like saying, “My modesty is second to none.”
Nuff sed.

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Not as brilliant as you, AC, whatever that means.
I am clever with words and wit.

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I am not now, nor have I ever been… brilliant! but I have been a communist

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Clever? Maybe. Brilliant? Nah.

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I’ve been known to loudly declare: I am fucking brilliant!
Only to have a chorus of people chime in with me: [Nimis] is fucking brilliant!

Though, to be fair, we’re all usually quite drunk.
As for the actual question…that’s debatable.

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@Nimis. Shouldn’t that be ‘brilliantly’? Or would that be an answer for the ‘That’s what she said’ question?

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@Grisson If that were the case, I’d be greatly concerned
that there’s a chorus of people chiming in! Oh, dear.

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maybe this isn’t a fitting answer, but i referenced b-list zombie movies in a dbq essay (data based question. i don’t know if everyone’s been subjected to that brand of torture) for european question on peasant revolts. and i got an A on it.
i wanted to high five the world.

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crap, the edit button vanished. let me rephrase that after the parentheses part:
“for the essay portion of a test in european history class on peasant revolts.”
the high five part is still true though.

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I am the most brilliant, clever, smart, intelligent narcissist ever.

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yeah of course i’m bloody brilliant for example i can write poetry,think in a creative way,don’t like repetition and all brilliant people do lol

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Come on, others should be the judge of that.

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My Mom thought I am. But she always told me:

“If you can’t dazzle ‘em with your brilliance, you can sure baffle ‘em with your BS!”

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