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How can we metophorically kick the asses of those who have misused bailout money?

Asked by syz (35649points) January 22nd, 2009

The stories of my tax money being used for bonuses, for paying CEOs billions, for severance packages for those who got the banks into these situations – I think I’m going to stroke out if I keep hearing them. Is there no accountability for the first half of the bailout package? I want to kick some ass! Surely there’s a way ?!?

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Why meto…. whatever that word is? Why not just tackle them on the street and kick their ass?

OK, I know why not, but damn. Don’t give me that “Life ain’t fair” lecture either.

Now, the Madoff victims want restitution….. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

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I feel your frustration.

Decisions like that clarify the point that these corporate schmucks care for no one but themselves. Not that we thought any differently, but talk about rubbing the working classes nose in it. It’s a blatant disregard for the economic situation the majority of the country finds itself in.

I work in a very well-off community and see this attitude almost daily.

Almost a verbatim conversation I had recently: “What recession? Oh, yes well, I did lose $20,000 of my $500,000 IRA. It is dreadful. I’ll have to go to my (mansion) in Nantucket this weekend to relax and get over the stress of it all.”

But I digress. Those bastards need a beating with a blunt instrument (saxophone perhaps).

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1. Become awake to the idea that control of our currency is in the hands of a cabal of bankers who print money out of thin air and charge interest (our taxes) for the privilege of using it.

2. Spread this awareness.

3. Resist paying taxes either by living on less than the standard deduction or by learning how to avoid paying taxes through methods described here and here.

4. Make money less of a focus in your life (easier said than done). Money comes, money goes. At the end of the day, it’s just paper (or even bits in a computer). It’s power and our anger comes from our collective desire for it. There are much fewer of “them” than “us.” If we all refused to participate, they would have no power.

5. Forgive these people for their horribleness. Are their lives that much better? Are they accumulating happiness? If you believe so, then do your best to follow their path. If not, then focus on accumulating inner peace and mindfulness of the present. Realize that our minds create our reality and can change that reality.

If that sounds like total BS to you, feel free to ignore it.

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Again, the words of George Carlin come to mind.

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@kevbo I don’t disagree with many of your points, but “inner peace” does not pay my mortgage.

But neither does expending energy being mad at these bozos. In that, you are most correct.

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we have a neighbor that lived similar to what you are describing there…
They are now in bankruptcy, are 48 years old and starting over, have basically no worldly possessions, and 2 teen agers at home.

No thank you

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There is a case of a man who kept his home from being foreclosed because he proved that the bank sustained no loss. When a bank “lends you money” via a mortgage, they don’t set aside a pile of money that is earmarked for your use. They create an accounting entry. So, they lose no real money. I don’t claim to know how to get this done, but I believe it is possible. You’ll have to do the reading yourself. The links above are a start.

@pekenoe, I guess then it’s time for another revolution. Or what else would you suggest? What’s a good answer to syz’s question?

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Find out which banks misused our money and refuse to do business with them and any companies that do.

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@cdwccrn That is the simplest/best solution.

I guess I’ll put away my saxophone now.

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@kevbo Well I skimmed through that second link about how not to pay taxes, and on page 5 the section titled Truth half of it is quotes, which are in fact opinions, of people talking about what they think are truth, and even further more opinions that match the authors definition of truth. So lets just say I did not skim much further into her book. None of those people qouted really have credentials to speak about “truth”. In addition, the author has some intereting perspectives as well. Such as, “I look forward to ‘the end of the world as we know it’.” and “The name on any ‘charging instrument’, e.g.: traffic tickets, tax bills, statements, loans, lawsuits, debts,
etc. is not your name. It is the name of a government-created corporation, cleverly disguised, in upper case
letters, by the bureaucrats, to resemble your name. Do not blow off this fact. It is to deceive you into
believing you are liable for its debts.” and “Cash compensation is not a ‘win’”
I don’t know if you have been to places that live outside the rules of modern day economics, but they are not pleasent places. A place that come to mind are western pakistan and the tribal areas. The world this author wants to live in is unrealistic and over romantacized.
Sorry to say but not earning money in a capitalist world and not paying your taxes will only descend you into poverty and more hassle than you want from the IRS and other goverment agencies. The only person who will lose in this scenario is the person practicing this, not the banks.
And one final note, it has been proven hundreds of times before in this country. If you want to change things it is better to do it through the system set up rather than outside the system.
If you want to kick some banker ass, I’d reccomend getting some kind of political movement or lobbying group set up and get support for it.

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