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Best books on cyberculture, digital life, tecnophilosophy, internet or alike?

Asked by rainsmoker (110points) January 22nd, 2009

I work in an advertising agency and we’re looking on implementing new online strategies for our clients. I want to read something really interesting on online relationships, new media, social media, etc… suggestions?

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aghhh i cant remember the name of my life, i remember the cover had a bunch of lego-esque people on the front of it. And at one point pi was listed to great extent in there. Good book about what your asking, i just cant remember the damn name eghhh sorry.

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probably not what you’re looking for, but I like WIRED magazine.

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Edmund Carter’s Oh What A Blow That Phantom Gave Me!, anything by Edward de Bono on lateral thinking and anything by Marshall McLuhan will expand your head, despite these works predating the internet.

you can find Oh What A Blow That Phantom Gave Me! here:

also, you work for the Devil!

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@Ria777 i know, Bill Hicks would be so mad at me. I’ve read McLuhan but i’m looking for something more recent, actually something published in 2008 would be awesome. I am also suscribed to a zillion feeds/blogs and read constantly valleywag, wired, mashable and whatnot, thanks anyray @Bagardbilla.
@uberbatman: i’ll try to search for some legoesque people covered book, thanks!

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you already live in a 2008 culture. it surrounds you every day, both physically and mentally. sometimes going back to the past can show you The New.

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Sorta realated, I recently heard about Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in a Hybrid Economy It sounds interesting. I really want to read it.

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@TheBox193: niceeee! thanks a lot!

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@rainsmoker No problem, I’m glad it’s something you are looking for, enjoy. Let me know how it is. I’m really excited and curious about what he has to say.

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You might wanna check out those books for Lawrence Lessig.

NOTE: Most, if not all, of ‘em are downloadable for free (Creative Commons).

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