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Does any one here live in australia?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) January 22nd, 2009

am i the only 13 year old boy that lives in innisfail in australia QLD

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Hey mate, I live in Kakadu National Park in NT. I am not a 13 year old lonely boy though, hehehehe!

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I live in Perth WA.
I bet you you aren,t the only 13 year old boy in Innisfail mate?
What’s the news from Qld cobber?
Are you flat out like a lizard drinking?
You can explain that one to our American buddies Bluey…

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i meen i feel that way i cant find any other 13 year old boys in innisfail on the net

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I live in Cairns, Australia and i have spent heaps of time in Innisfail over the years. Not a bad place!

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