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Who hates fake Uggs?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) January 22nd, 2009

I don’t know… they just seem to bother me so much!

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Who hates real Uggs? Me! :) Except I do have to admit, they look really warm.

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I went to Europe a few years ago in January. I didn’t realize that Uggs were not water proof! I froze my toes when I thought I was going to be toasty warm. That’s what you get when you send a Californian to Germany in January!

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Boo, all Uggs suck.

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Uggs just show that people will wear anything if its “in”

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@uberbatman, I nresent that! They ARE warm if they’re not wet!!

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Uggs? Uhg!

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I’m not a fan of Uggs, brand name or fake, especially when worn with a mini skirt. It looks just silly.

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i don’t like them, but i don’t really hate them either. i find that i’m in that small category of people who don’t have a real opinion on them. i take judi’s word for it though, i bet they are realllly warm when they’re dry (:

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fake uggs = $40

real uggs = $160

the difference? not much + your money.

if theres anything to be bothered with in regards to uggs, it’s people buying $160 uggs for their 8 year old daughters. We’re spoiling them pretty bad and the result will not be good.

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My 9-year-old niece asked for Uggs this Christmas.
I told her that 9-year-olds don’t need $150 shoes.
But even if they were free, I still wouldn’t get them for her.

The only exception would be if she started taking surf lessons.
Then maybe I’d consider it…

My SO told me I was being a mean aunt.
I told him she’d thank me later.

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Who hate fake Uggs? Someone with a greater capacity for hatred than me.

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I don’t hate anything generic that looks practically identical to the original. I do not like Uggs or Ugg like boots but my daughters do so I definately buy “fake” ones from Payless. I will NEVER spend $140.00 on a pair of shoes, it just feels so wrong.

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i wont even talk to someone that wears fake uggs, or real uggs, or anything that rhymes with uggs (like bugs, slugs, or rugs)...
but i do like drugs and jugs….

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Well tennesseejac, guess we’ll never have a reason to chat then. My Uggs keep my toes warm all winter. I love them and have several pairs; they’re supremely comfortable and I didn’t ask anyone else to pay for them so what they cost ME shouldn’t matter to anyone else. Are you people really talking about “hating” shoes? Good grief.

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@bythebay it was a joke, because i too thought the discussion was ridiculous. if i didnt talk to women who wear Uggs then i would only be talking to about 50% of the women out there.

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@tennesseejac: I picked up the seuss-ism in your answer.

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I’m wearing mine right now and my toes are cozy. They don’t match my outfit, but I’m warm. The ARE real though

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As a side note, my grandson (not even one year old yet) has a pair of real uggs, and several pairs of puma tennis shoes. All thanks to his other grandmother. I find that astonishing and absurd!

Edited to add: For Christmas, I bought him some Garanimals clothes from WalMart. Bad grandma ;]

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My pet peeve: Uggs + mini-skirt + pea coat that entirely hides the mini-skirt.

My sister, the least fashionable person on the face of the earth, loves her Uggs because she gets very, very cold. Honestly? If there is anything out there that makes her warm, I’m all for it, even if it is part of a trend that makes me stabby.

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How prejudice can you get? If it weren’t for those fake ones, some people would have to do without completely. Then where would they be.

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@Yarnlady but uggs aren’t a necessity…

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@Yarnlady ha ha! I know, right?

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