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What are your personal experiences with a G1 Android?

Asked by iwamoto (5261points) January 22nd, 2009

it’s gonna be released here in holland (finally) and ofcourse you dudes from across the big sea have had quite some time to play with it, so what’s your opinion on it ? first i was thinking about going iphone, but the G1 sure caught my attention, it seems a bit different and that’s what i like about it.

the things i’m not intereseted in are stuff like the camera, audio/video playback, i have dedicated devices for that, i just want to know, how well does it work for you as a phone / communicator / webmobile device ?

thanks !

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I have only used it in a store, so here goes. I think that its a great devise. Not bad as a phone and great for browsing the web. It has a real keyboard so you should have not issues there. All the apps for it at the moment are free, so lots of good free games and “stuff” in general. Also much cheaper then the iPhone in every way (at least in the US).

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I like it a lot. Great phone. If I didn’t have the iPhone it’s what I would get. Great intergration with Google as well.

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It is absolutely fantastic. Its pretty much like an Iphone but with better hardware, a full qwerty keyboard and pretty much all the apps are free. Its also works (almost) seamlessly with any google products. But the headjack is a usb mini only. No 3.5 mm. But an adapter is very cheap online.

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