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Are you one of them?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) January 22nd, 2009

are you a pesty back-seat driver? or a pessimistic passenger seat person? even though i drive both defensively and aggresively (on the job and off), my truck or squad gets back in one piece every day, but i hear all the remarks every time i’m in the driver seat with the family or the father-in-law or the mother.

are you a back-seat driver? why? when you are the driver, do you ignore all the comments or does the trip turn out to be a shouting match of “isolated road rage?”

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I am not a backseat driver, but I have a brother who is. He will literally scream if he does not think you are stopping soon enough or if you are taking a corner too fast. It has gotten to the point where I won’t drive anywhere with him.

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im always the driver so i dont know, but if i was a passenger i would probably just sleep or be the all time DJ

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I’ve learned to laugh at the comments, but I used to get annoyed while listening to people tell me when i should be turning or that a light was about to change.

I remember that i had a driving instructor who was taking me through the freeway and downtown portion of my driver training, and he was the most nervous person I have ever driven with. He grabbed the wheel because I made a double turn even though there were no cars in the intersection. He must have needed a vacation.

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@SuperMouse i feel your pain. i know exactly what you mean.

a couple years ago we went down south with the whole family, in-laws and all, and my father-in-law almost caused me to take a pen (while driving, mind you) and stab him repeatedly.

we all got home in one piece and still to this day, i remind him of that.

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I find it very difficult to drive from the back seat. Turns out, cars aren’t quite yet voice-navigated. no i’m not a back seat driver..

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I am a HUGE back seat driver, and I honestly have no idea. Maybe it is that feeling of no control..

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I got my drivers permit about a year ago. If my dad is driving and I am in the car I will be on edge the whole time. If I am driving and my Dad is a passenger he will be freaking out and lecturing me the whole time. Once he has calmed down he begins to apologize and as far as he is concerned I am better then he is at driving and at being a passenger. If my Mom is driving or one of my friends parents is driving then I keep to my self or do the best that I can to engage in friendly conversation.

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I’m not a backseat driver but I am an observant contributor of information that may be pertinent. Such as if a truck is about to T-bone the car we’re in. Or if the light has changed and the driver is off in la-la land.

My partner offers driving suggestions and I really dislike it because he doesn’t even have his driver’s license for starts, but secondly I’m a great driver and know the routes much better than he does. But you know, he just has to get his word in, so I let him :)

The most recent time I took a passenger’s advice was one of my friends who noted that I was a bit of an aggressive driver (which is very true). I actually took the comment to heart and have modified my driving habits a bit. I was glad that the person expressed themselves to me, but I’m also glad that the person stopped after the first expression!

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I’m the driver, but I don’t mind. Sometimes the passenger sees things I didn’t. If it’s the annoying kind of thing, I just tune it out. In any case, as I age, and now that I have a hybrid car, I find myself driving slower, and more energy consciously.

The car is bigger than I’m used to, so I have a hard time judging how close I am to walls and things when I’m parking. So if I go head in, I usually don’t go in far enough And when I pass cars. I never am sure if there’s enough room to go back in the lane, and I’m constantly afraid there is someone in my blind spot.

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i don’t know how many times i’ve said to my wife, “baby i need you to trust me, ok?—i need you to trust my driving. just go to sleep or something—i’ll wake you when we get there.”

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Regarding blind spots: I recently discovered an awesome tool to help with this. It’s a rearview mirror extender, between 1.5 and 2 times the length of the normal mirror, and I think it clipped right on. It eliminates the blind spots 100%. My first thought after I had driven around with it was why it wasn’t standard issue in all cars!

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obscure footnote: people who drive so close to the dashboard they can count the dust particles on the odometer.

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I guess I could be considered a part time passenger seat driver. I nag my SO about his driving, but not often. He has trouble seeing at night, so I get more nervous being a passenger with him then, and that’s when I am more likely to pipe in. Otherwise, he is a great driver so I can relax and enjoy the scenery.

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@dynamicduo: I just saw an article about a new kind of mirror being developed that is the size of current mirrors, but somehow eliminates the blind spot. Perhaps we will see these things on all cars in the not too distant future.

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I’m not a back seat driver. If I can’t really see what’s going on, I don’t care.
Though if I’m in the passenger seat, I can be guilty of this sometimes.

My SO used to be a good driver.
But ever since they started their one hour commute,
I think they’ve been zoning out a bit as a coping mechanism I’d guess.

I’m constantly reminding them to stop looking at their Blackberry
at a green light. Or to turn off their signal after they’ve turned.
I’ve made it a point to count to ten to myself before I say anything though.

They’ve nearly clipped someone in their right blind spot
several times while I was in the car with them.
It makes me worry about all the times
when I’m not there to look over my shoulder.
Before the long commute, they didn’t used to drive like this at all. =(

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since i drive so much, whenever i get the chance to be in the passenger or back seat, i don’t care who’s driving. it is a privilege not to drive.

so to all you young drivers out there who just cant wait to drive, believe me, the day will come when you’ll enjoy not being behind the wheel.

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I like driving a lot. But if you ever have experience driving in a 2008 Toyota Tundra crew max then you will know where I am coming from. I would also add that I have never tried to parallel park and that is the only reason that I don’t have my license yet.

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I just bitch about all the other drivers. scary how sooo many people don’t understand the basic rules of driving

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I was a passenger seat driver with one person only, my ex-husband. It used to irritate him to no end, but he scared the crap out of me on several occasions and I couldn’t help it. If we were going on certain mountain roads, or the Washington Beltway, I had to take a Xanax! He would never let me drive us anyplace either, unless he’d been drinking. @charliecompany34 if that many people are commenting on your driving, you might want to take a second look at your habits :)

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@jonsblond I always point out when people don’t use their turn signal.

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@tehrani625 I know! So annoying.

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@jonsblond I just learned to parallel park about 3 hours ago. Its not that bad.

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i can’t handle driving

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