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Do you perfer a standard or an automatic?

Asked by baterpark91 (97points) January 22nd, 2009

I recently baught a standard and was wondering if anyone would change their mind after owning one.

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Automatic, because all the shifting would reek havoc on my arthritis!! My SO loves standard tho.

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I’ve never driven an automatic, and considering I’m a bit of an aggressive driver, I could probably benefit from using one. But for that exact same reason, I’m sticking with a standard.

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i like to do other things while i drive, so i keep my hands free with an automatic

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I read the question and thought you meant guns. I need sleep.

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I drive auto at the moment but that is in a ginormous truck. If or when I get a car I want a standard but will not argue to much with an automatic or slush box.

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automatic is BORING. Once you learn how to drive a manual vehicle, you’ll never want another auto. Its so much more fun to drive, plus you have much more control over the vehicle, and the manual versions are always faster than their auto counterparts.

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I don’t care much either way but I drive a truck. If I were to own a sports car I would probably want a stick. My wife owns a Wrangler which is stick too. Manual is typically more fun to drive.

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uberbatman ive found that the standard IS better and has more control, you are right. its great in the snow

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I’ve driven a car a grand total of 2x. the first time was standard, the second was automatic. I liked the standard, because, yes, I felt I had more control of the car.

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@baterpark91 ohhh god no, mines horrible in the snow lol. But then again thats because i drive a mustang. Its nearly impossible not to spin tires starting off on icy roads lol. But yes back when i owned my wrangler, the manual transmission made it a lot easier in the snow.

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ah, that is why. I have a saturn..FWD is great

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FWD may be great for in snow, but aside from that, id much much rather the RWD….mmmmmmm burnouts :P

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oh now i have got to show you…
my first car in the snow..FWD

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I drive a Tundra crew max. That thing is a beast. I love it to death. Its my dads but I drive is because I don’t have my license yet. I do have a permit though so I am not doing anything illegal. The truck before this one was a 5speed and we loved it. My dad bought this new one because even as a base model it preforms better then a Lexus (maybe it has to do with the Lexus engine in the 08 Tundra).

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very interesting, i, personally, do not like the tundra..for some odd reason, the tough beefy look is not appealing to me. i’d much rather have a ford f-350

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Manual is sooooo awesome. I just love throwing the car into second gear as i round the corner to my house. Whips the car around and the tires toast alittle… i know its not the best for them but that singed rubber smells sooooo sweet. also it allows me to take my car out and race it (LEGALLY) better on the road courses near my house. SCCA

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@baterpark91 I like it a lot. I have hopped many curbs in it though. And the f-350 is bigger and looks kinda tired. Like it needs to get full nights sleep. We also got a really good deal on it when gas was expensive so I don’t mind. It’s kinda fun to sit at the gas station and ponder the world. While the pump labors away to fill the 22gallont tank. Also I would like to say that I get about 17mpg on average. No matter what happens I love driving it. And its bright red with a chrome grill (not my decision). I am 5’ 8” tall weighing about 150lbs, to some it may come off negatively but if people really feel this way then its not my truck.

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@richardhenry I thought the same thing. You are not alone…

BUT since the question is about vehicles, not guns, I will say that a standard is better on the transmission and gas mileage in the long run. It can also, as many people have stated above, be a little more fun – especially in sport cars and trucks. The benefit of an automatic is the convenience factor, as you can eat, talk on the phone, etc. without being bothered to shift (not the safest though…). Either way, it depends on whether or not you are a “lazy” driver, or you like to be more involved in your driving.

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i learned on a standard and i always drove standard, swore by the standard. loved that with it, you had great pickup, which is wonderful if you’re trying to pass another car or truck on the highway. great in the snow. then i got an automatic as a second car, and i ended up getting rid of standard and having just the automatic, and i am used to the automatic now. with the phone, GPS, baby, radio, i can’t see going back to standard. i think everyone should know how to drive standard, in case you’re ever in a situation where the only available car is a standard, you can drive it.

i have some friends who have standards and i notice that they both shift too soon. the car is supposed to rev a little before shifting, or else the car has no power. they both think their cars have weak engines but it’s not that, it’s like they have it in 4th by the time they’re just getting going.

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My preference is a sequential.

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@jca i shift out of second gear at 75 mph :P

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@uber: I used to shift out of 1st at about 65.

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@critter1982 jesus christ what car where you driving? (i think first can take me up to about 35 before i start redlining.)

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LOL. It wasn’t a car. It was my old Suzuki GSX1000. I really miss it.

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@critter1982 ohhh well now that explains that lol. I was gonna say, holy fast car batman!

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