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Why is murder wrong?

Asked by AnnCognito (1points) January 22nd, 2009
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Because one person does not have the right to negatively interfere with another person’s life without consent from that person.

Alternately, play by the Golden Rule: Would you like to be murdered? I doubt it. Thus you shouldn’t murder others as they would also probably not want to be murdered.

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…are you serious?

I smell trolls.

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@dynamicduo—I think that’s called parenting.

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Yes, but children aren’t usually considered people with full rights until they are of legal age. Not to mention children don’t usually murder other people!

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Why is The View right?

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thou shall not kill. end of thread.

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Oh, I forgot the tilde.

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Don’t worry, it’s all jokes in a troll topic!

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Don’t trolls eat children? Is that murder or just good eatin’?

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Capital punishment, abortion, self defense, war:
There are plenty of instances in which the US law defines murder as right. Not all of which I agree just pointing out there are instances in which people would disagree with the statement that murder is wrong.

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That’s population control, as well as payment for keeping that troll under the bridge. A troll is a very handy thing to have around a town, you know. Scares the little ones into behaving and eating their veggies.

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Why ISN’T murder wrong?

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depends on who you kill

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Is there a Bad Question button? There really needs to be a Bad Question button.

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Well according to my old 9th grade english teacher, no question is a bad question!!

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if you’re feeling really philosophical it’s not too terrible of a question. sometimes the simplest most obvious questions can stop you and make you think “why is this that way?”

maybe this is not one of those questions though ahhaha

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Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them

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Read Emmanuel Kant. It will tell you all you need to know about this.

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How would you feel as someone was killing you for no reason? Wouldn’t you think that it’s wrong?

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The Troll Toll song from It’s Always Sunny… is officially stuck in my head. Thanks, jerks.

And now…Nightman, Double-jerks. >.<

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There are certain things that people need to live. These things include proper nutrition, clean water, safety, and rest, among others. (Just ask Maslow.) Being able to live your life and not get murdered is key to feeling safe and secure, and when people don’t get this need fulfilled, society collapses into chaos. Simply for society to avoid collapse, there are things we need to do to play nice with each other. This is why murder is taboo in every law-abiding society I can think of.

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It’s really, very simple. Do you want to die, assuming that you aren’t suicidal? More specifically, do you want to have the right to live? Would you feel alright if you didn’t have the right to live? When multiple people that value the right to life come together and form a society, laws punishing murder inevitably form. Nothing is inherently wrong. Murder is wrong if society deems it wrong due to people not wanting to be murdered.

“thou shall not kill. end of thread.”
No. You are a moronic zealot. How do I vote “Terrible Answer?”

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@vin: no shit. How does ” thou shalt not kill.” make someone a moronic zealot? Bit overdramatic, huh?

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Whoa wait. Murder is wrong? =0 oops

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You have the right not to be killed.
Murder is a crime!
Unless it was done by
A policeman or aristocrat.
These are your rights.
Know your rights.

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To elaborate on my point that charliecompany34 is a moronic zealot: it is my impression that his view is an oversimplification, in which murder is wrong because an authority says that it is wrong. My statement might have been somewhat strident, but it was also completely accurate with regard to that single point.

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Wow, Vin, that is something that you were able to accurately figure someone out with four words. I have read his post for a while and he has never come off like a moronic zealot. I guess you are just better at reading people. I mean, accurately defining a person after seeing just a couple words is really good.

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”...with regard to that single point.”

If he feels like defending his stance I’m willing to listen.

I like “Vin”. That’s a pretty cool nickname.

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But Big Billy Goat Gruff was very tough and strong. He put down his head and charged the Troll and butted him so hard he flew high into the air and then fell down and splashed into the middle of the river

and the great ugly troll was never seen again

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@Vinifera7: He gave his opinion as to why murder is wrong, try respecting it.

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