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Project: spend $50?

Asked by roysters5 (64points) January 22nd, 2009

For a school project I have to come up with ONE object that I HAVE to spend $50 on, and it has to be for me and me alone, and i cant save it or buy gift cards. I’m coming up with lame ideas and I’m just curious on what you would spend the $50 on. :D

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wait for school you HAVE to spend $50 on something? Thats kinda lame.

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no- you dont have to spend,,,, its theoretical-ish…the teacher is trying to teach us something about economics…

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A $38 event or concert ticket. After all the fees, of that should be $50. And then I’d have several hours of fun and entertainment.

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It’s an economics class.. perhaps buy a piggy bank. =)

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Go to your closet. Find a hanger. Put it near your private parts. Leave $50 on the desk. You have now just had a hooker.

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Donate it to a local charity that has some personal meaning to you.

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Invest in the stock market.

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Roller skates!

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Do you want a quick thrill of some kind or something that will be useful to you now or something that will appreciate in value over time?

I would think that you would have no problem coming up with a list of quick thrills that could blow $50 pretty fast.

To make a list of things that would be useful, think of what you like. Music; get a cd player or new radio or just a bunch of music. Movies; dvd player, dvd recorder, dvs, etc. Sports; new running shoes, new gear, tickets to a few games

For things that would appreciate in value, think collectibles; baseball cards, stamps, limited edition prints…

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Why not a savings bond?

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$50 worth of this

or only $40, and then $10 on funyuns and grape drink

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I’d put a call in to Berkshire Hathaway and speak to Warren Buffett. Ask him what to do with $50. You think I’m kidding? He’d probably be tickled pink to have a kid call him and ask his advice. And he’d give you a heck of an Econ lesson.

Failing that, I’d buy a share of Hewlett Packard and call it a day. Set it up so that when you get dividends, it’s reinvested into more stock.

Hell, I should put in call to Warren Buffett.

Edit: I’d get a DVD box set of a show I want, like the 1st series of rebooted Doctor Who. I mean, if I had to buy an object.

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Dudes, the assignment is to buy a $50 object for yourself.

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i would buy sneakers. i need new sneakers and i wear them every day. done. thank you.

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@tennesseejac ill take 50 dollars worth please kind sir.

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<insert Beavis & Butt-head laugh here> She said “kind”

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$50.00 worth of itunes.

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Ooooh I like that.

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Buy you approx 46 items from your favorite fast food dollar menu. with taxes, that’d use most of the $50

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Some gadgets to buy:
cool docking “wake to tunes“alarm clock for you music player
biggest thumb drive you can find
state of the art laser mouse
computer speakers
huge retro clock for you wall

And that’s just what I can see here from my chair….

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A good wine.
This and the supplies to do the experiments.
The cloth for a sewing project.
A dress.

Probably this is supposed to say something about you. What you value most (that’s $50 or less). A luxury that you may not normally afford yourself, but with $50 you must spend would.

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Well, I am not sure of the standards of the project, but if it were all I had, I would spend it on food. Maybe a Dollar menu item a day at McDonalds and stretch it.
If I had it to myself without problems——MALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A good wheel of cheese.

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How about a nice pen and a journal for your thoughts . . . (with a leather cover) . . .

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