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If a movie was made about your life, what actor/actress would you like to portray YOU?

Asked by Aethelwine (41368points) January 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

Do they look like you? Is it just an actor that you like? Why did you pick this person?

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David Duchovny has similar features to me. His tone of voice is also very similar.

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Thora Birch, she looks like me, or so I’m told and she has many similar qualities in terms of facial expression and some of her speech delivery.

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Clooney. Or maybe Pitt.

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I’d go with Tom Hanks because I think he is great. He is the consummate actor, in my opinion.

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Selma Hayek We share a few features. ;)

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Daniel Day Lewis. He might be talented enough to play me.

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Angelinas’ looks with Kevin Spaceys’ skills

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I love Jessica Lange, so I’d want her to play me. I love the way she uses her hands and her voice. I like to remember how lovely she was before all that plastic surgery.

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Dustin Diamond

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@johnpowell Is it really you Screech? :)

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whos that fat guy from the “Honey Mooners”? You know “straight to the moon Alice” thats me…

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Ralph Cramden = The great Jackie Gleason.

Geez! Kids!

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Hugh Grant (later years). I only wish I could look like him but he plays characters that are always vaguely displeased so well. About a Boy is one of my favorite movies.

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Bea Arthur or Dakota Fanning

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@saranwrapper How about both? Dakota for the younger years, Bea for the golden. Some life story ahead for you! :)

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Zooey Deschanel.
I admire her, and I’d be extremely happy if she played me.

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I´d love to have Arnold S. or Sly…..
I mean, watching my life in the format of an 80s action movie would be great…

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Sean Connery or Ewan McGregor!

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Ryan Reynolds + Dane Cook + (a little) John Caparulo

If you could mix all of them together.

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Wentworth Miller.

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Liv Tyler. I have a passing resemblance (if you squint, from a distance while you’re drunk) to her, and I think we give off similar energies.
My mom is writing a book about some personal things, and says if it gets turned into a movie (that’s after we win the lottery and get struck by lightning twice) she’d want Drew Barrymore to play me. I’m just not that perky and outgoing.

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To answer my own question, I would choose Gwyneth Paltrow. We are close in age, both have long blonde hair, and are a bit reserved (with a little wild child thrown in).

she would have to drop the fake English accent though

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@ Astro haha I knew that I just couldn’t think of it

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Diana Kruger-she was my match on the site that compared photos to famous faces. It was weird that our name were similar, too.

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I would have myself as an actor.

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well it would have to be someone younger that looks like I did then. I guess my daughter could do my childhood, we look identical when she has her hair short.

I have a younger cousin who could do my younger years (though he’s over 20 now)

Can’t think of anyone famous I’d like to do me, but I’d like it to be someone that looks like me as much as possible.

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Either Danny DeVito or Emo Phillips.

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my mom loves him. i would chose Beyonce because shes a strong black woman and i hope to be a strong black woman when i grow up.

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Alice Braga
who plays Anna in the movie I am Legend. When I saw the movie and she first came on the screen in the scene pictured above, I couldn’t get past how much we resemble one another. It was pretty eerie.

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Javier Bardem. The guy is like electric in the air.

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Even though she doesn’t look like me at all, I’d go with Julia Styles. A person who I respect suggested her, so I’m going with his choice.

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R. Lee Ermey or Phyllis Diller…I’ll leave it up to the director.

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John Wayne.I don’t care if he’s a man,old as dirt,and looks nothing like me…wait a minute!He is dead…that’s ok as I am usually tired.Yes,JW and no one else.

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@saranwrapper -That made me bust a gut :)

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It would have been Heath Ledger… physically we’re quite similar, although not so much facially. & it would appear we shared many of the same traits, so he’d know where I was coming from.

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Sandra Bullock, we are not alike in any way. I just think she is beautiful and a great actress.

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I have been told I look a little like Cristina Ricci.

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