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Assuming that kobe wins atleast 2 more championships. if kobe played before jordan would people say that jordan will never be as good as kobe was?

Asked by oopslc89 (103points) January 22nd, 2009
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Are you crazy? Kobe couldn’t wash Jordan’s Hanes.

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ok preferably idiots won’t make stupid comments like that. if you disagree thats fine but atleast give a half way intelligent response. not something stupid like this last guy who obviously one of the people i am talking about. people build jordan up in their mind to being even better than he was. he was great no doubt, but i just dont think he was as good as people grew up watching him believe he was.

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i didnt grow up watching him. Kobe aint got shit on Jordan.

btw calling people idiots isnt really a good way to goet “intelligent responses”

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well i’m actually trying to get some tangible reasons why people have this point of view. like for instance if i was defending kobe’s position i would say, “kobe has a better 3 pt shot” or “kobe plays today against better players than what jordan played against or at the very least kobe is playing against far superior athletes”. see i’m giving REASONS not little comments with no support. well i wouldn’t call anyone a idiot if they said something useful not “kobe couldn’t wash Jordan’s Hanes” what is that. exactly it is idiotic. therefore he is an idiot.

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You have a shift key, use it if you plan on calling someone stupid.

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I think Jordan in his prime would kill Kobe. Kobe is not a team player. Bulls (jordans) would beat the lakers because Kobe is not a leader.

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Career Scoring Average
*Michael Jordan – 30.12
Kobe Bryant – 24.96

Highest Steals (season)
*Michael Jordan – 3.2
Kobe Bryant – 2.2

Career Blocks Per Game
*Michael Jordan – 0.83
Kobe Bryant – 0.58

Highest Blocks (season)
*Michael Jordan – 1.6
Kobe Bryant – 1.0

Career Turnovers Per Game
*Michael Jordan – 2.73
Kobe Bryant – 2.94

Career Turnovers Per 40 Minutes
*Michael Jordan – 2.85
Kobe Bryant – 3.22

Lowest Turnovers Per 40 (season)
*Michael Jordan – 2.1
Kobe Bryant – 2.8

Highest Turnovers Per Game (season)
*Michael Jordan – 3.5
Kobe Bryant – 4.1

Career Assist-to-Turnover Ratio
*Michael Jordan – 1.93
Kobe Bryant – 1.57

Highest Assist-to-Turnover (season)
*Michael Jordan – 2.57
Kobe Bryant – 1.96

Career Field Goal Percentage
*Michael Jordan – .497
Kobe Bryant – .453

Highest Field Goal Pct. (season)
*Michael Jordan – .539
Kobe Bryant – .469

Career Free Throw Percentage
Michael Jordan – .835
*Kobe Bryant – .839

Highest Free Throw Pct. (season)
Michael Jordan – .857
*Kobe Bryant – .868

Michael Jordan is #34 all-time in assists and #74 all-time in assists per game. Kobe Bryant is not in the top 100 all-time in assists per game.

Michael Jordan is #3 all-time in rebounds and rebounds per game by a guard (behind Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson). Kobe Bryant is not remotely close.

Michael Jordan is #2 all-time in steals and #4 all-time in steals per game. Kobe Bryant is not in the top 50 all-time in steals per game.

Michael Jordan is #1 all-time in blocks and blocks per game by a guard. Kobe Bryant is not remotely close.

Hows that for stats…. idiot

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@uberbatman You forgot one.

Career rape accusations
Michael Jordan – 0
*Kobe Bryant – 1

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@mote- LOL! Wish I could lurve you more than once.

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Also, assuming Kobe got 2 more championships, Jordan would surpass him when he got his 6th.
And @uberbatman, very good info there.
@oopslc89, I would watch my tongue before you try to insult one of the collective’s most valued members.

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What do you mean one of the most?

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ok look your not really getting the point of my question. it is not about stats. you gave stats that prove your point i could give stats that prove kobe’s case. i’m not even saying kobe is better.

i am posing a question about the generational gap. jordan was before his time. the nba had never seen someone with that type of athletic ability. the only comparison athletically in that time period was maybe dominique.

jordan’s stats were better but is that because his competition was worse? in his last two finals he was primarily guard by russell and hornacek. would hornacek or russell be a shutdown defender for any team in the nba today? yes jordan torched them but wouldn’t kobe, lebron, and wade do the same thing.

i used kobe as a specific example because he seems to be the closest thing we have to jordan in todays game. i think if jordan played today he would be right there at the top of the league with kobe, lebron , and wade. i just think these 4 guys are on a whole other level. jordan just happened to come first when he did not have nearly the same caliber athletes to compete against nightly. their are exception but the league as a whole was not nearly as athletic as today.

if you had put kobe back in that time he would have been equally as dominant. then jordan would come in this era and have people like ron artest guarding him. jordan would have to guard people like wade and lebron each night. it would be a different story i think. i dont know that jordan was better he was just first.

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Sooooo let me get this straight, your saying that athletes today are much better than they were years ago? Correct? What makes you think Jordan wouldn’t be that much better if he played today than?

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look we aren’t elevating jordan. we are simply taking him for who he was. it is unrealistic to say oh well if he played today he would be stronger and faster. i am saying take jordan from then and put him in todays league and take kobe from now and put him in that era and it might be different.

jordan would still be one of the top athletes even today. so i’m not gunna say he would be even more athletic if he had been born later.

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i’m not against jordan i love jordan. i just think people elevate him higher than what he actually was.

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@oopslc89 Sounds like you’re getting a lot out of tapping the collective. Hope you’re enjoying learning some new things.~

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LOL…Kobe is not even close. In fact, you want to say who in the league now has good chance to be equal or better than Jordan, I will name LaBron James first.

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