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How do you care for succulent plants?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) January 22nd, 2009

I recently bought 4 cute potted succulents (all different varieties). They seem to be doing okay, but the bottom leaves are wilting. When I first got them, they were firm.

I transplanted the weakest one into my garden because I think it might need room to grow (it was getting pretty big). Hoping this will help.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I hear those Aqua Globes do wonders for a variety of houseplants. I gave a pair to my mother for Christmas.

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You may be over-watering them…most succulents don’t require much. Do you know the names of the varieties you have?

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Agree with Augustlan. Probably will vary with variety.
I’ve got three different types of succulents growing in pots.
But I’m lazy and never bothered finding out their different needs.
They’re all in the same type of dirt and watered the same amount
and they’re thriving under different conditions.

Meaning that I will notice a perk in one
when I vary my watering a little more or a little bit less.
(Though you should err on a little bit less…they don’t need much.)
And they also seem to respond to changes in humidity.

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Thanks for the answers so far!

I have 4 plants; 3 are actually doing fine but one has been iffy since the day I brought it home. This one is the one I’m having problems with: (not my photo, but it shows the variety)

The bottom leaves have always been a little wilted – the top has always been firm. After about a week, I noticed that the dirt was getting really dry….so dry that it’d compacted itself away from the sides of the pot. So I tried watering it and there wasn’t much of a difference. Then I transplanted it into my garden because it looked like it just needed more room to grow. The bottom leaves are still wilted and “weak” compared to the top.

So far it’s been doing okay…but, of course, the winter rains came through the day after I planted it into the ground :-/ oy veh. Definitely is over-watered right now.

God, I talk too much. Sorry ;)

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Hey, just to follow up—the succulent that was wilting badly is now doing FANTASTIC! All I did was transplant it into a big garden area next to my apartment! Even survived the heavy rains we had a couple weeks ago. Guess it just needed more room to grow :)

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treat them like cactus plants

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