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You've found a genie and you can only make one wish, which he will make come true. What will that wish be?

Asked by Introverted_Leo (1957points) January 22nd, 2009

I’m serious. You’ve only got one wish, so think hard!

Oh dangit, someone just asked a similar question…lol. Whatevs.

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Easy: 10 more wishes.

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Food and clean water for everyone on the planet.

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Yeah, there’s a loophole you didn’t cover.

A million more wishes.

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I wish that that flying panda doesn’t poop in my Lucky Charms.

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Okay, if I could only have one wish it would be: To be 27 again and living in an attic apartment in Paris.

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It’s cliche, but certainly one could wish for unlimited wishes, or to become a god (with specific parameters).

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I wish that I could have all of my bills paid for, for the rest of my life.

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of course more wishes is what i’d wish for.
edit: Lurve to you asmonet, megan, vini, didn’t read your response :-(

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I would wish for the genie to cure my diabetes.

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I’d wish for a young Barbara Eden.

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Peace for everyone. Both in the personal sense, and in the wider-world sense.

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To always have the exact of money asked for.

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to have the power to grant wishes.

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To have a great adventure with a happy ending for me and mine.

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Peace in the middle east (i know, is never going to happen)
No, really I’d ask to have some kind of superpower, like that jumping guy…

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Money, and lots of it.

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