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what are the best visuals to defend yourself in small claims court?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) November 19th, 2006
Just typing up the information on a couple peices of paper? Putting it on big oaktag? Some other means of showing the judge important information?
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In small claims court, there is no lawyer--just you and the other guy.
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Hmm. Anything documented, you will want to have the original documentation, of course.
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Bring pictures and organize them in a way that makes sense -- but you might consider putting together a binder that lays out your case: all the photos, documentation, and a short summary of your claim
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But I have no clue
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As with any case, what evidence you need really is determined by what you are trying to prove. As bob has stated, photos and documentation are very useful. If property was damaged, photos of the damage are a necessity. If the claim is over a bill, then a photocopy or original of the bill in question is imperative. Ask yourself what is my claim concerning and how can I prove that my version of the claim is fact.

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