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Have you ever seen the most stunningly beautiful person from accross a room or accross the street but then, as you approach them...

Asked by cookieman (40293points) January 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

you realize they’re REALLY young?!?!

Like a teen or worse, a tween.

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Yikes! Awkward! Unintentional arousal! Run away!
Great tags!

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Beautiful comes in all ages.
That wouldn’t bother me so much.
Now, if I actually felt attracted them?

Yikes! Awkward!
Run away!

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Yeah. Except it happens less with males, I think, because teen males can still look pretty gawky. But girls? They’re growing up so fast anymore.

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Yikes! It’s happened to me a few times (once culminating with me mutting, “But you’re too young for Slutoween!” and my friend hearing me and shouting it at her from about half a block away). Luckily, I’ve never been approaching for any reason other than we were going opposite directions, at least one of those tags doesn’t apply (thank god). But very surprising.

Laureth is right, I think. It’s always been girls with me. Never guys. Also the opposite has happened—someone looks really pretty and you get up near them and they are old.

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@EmpressPixie I’d rather be surprised that they are old. At least then, I can think, “Now here’s a person who takes really good care of themselves.”

As opposed to, in Barry White voice “Mmm, mm. That is one hot mama. I am going to mosey on over there and check out this fine piece of…OH-MY-GOD-SHE’S-JUST-A-KID-I-AM-SUCH-A-DIRTY-OLD-MAN.” Run Away!

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I encountered this situation when I was in the Army and stationed in Seoul, South Korea. At different times, it was difficult to judge the ages of young Korean women because they ‘looked’ adult but were usually somewhere in the teenage years.

Call me stupid but I don’t know what a ‘tween’ is.

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Tween is like 10–12 – that area beTWEEN being a little kid and being a teenager. :)

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That reminds me of a very particular episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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@laureth. Thanks for the definition. :o)

@Enzo. I’ve never heard of that before. Is that a sitcom or something? Just curious.

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Heh. I caught some young man like that giving me the once-over on the train last week. He caught my eye and I thought, “Gee, he’s hot -WHOA! He’s, like, 16!”

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@Bluefreedom: It’s the most amazing sitcom on TV. Ever.

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@asmonet. I wonder if I can get episodes of that from Netflix. I’m going to have to check that out. :o)

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I felt that way when I saw the pictures of Daniel Radcliffe from Equus. I mean, he’s Harry freakin’ Potter for God’s sake! Avert my eyes, look away, look away!

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@augustlanbut he’s of age now. it’s ok. he wants you to look.

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He’s not of age to me, though. but at least it’s not illegal.

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@Bluefreedom: used to have the entire series up, now they only have season one I think. Still, totally worth it to rent out and do a marathon. :D

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@asmonet. Thanks much, ma’am. I’ve never heard of but I’m going to take a look at it.

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No problem. :)

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