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Whats the use of ordering medices online?

Asked by marcuspete (4points) January 23rd, 2009

I am sure you have a chemist shop right down the street so why order it from a online pharmacy . I hope its not because we are begun too lazy to walk.

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Some people can’t walk. Maybe they live in a rural area with no pharmacy. Some people are too busy (maybe they have a job and kids) and find it convenient to have it arrive at their door. Sometimes the prices are cheaper than at the corner pharmacy.

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My health insurance is affiliated with a mail-order/online pharmacy. I get 3-months of meds for the price of one month. Two of my five meds are actually free through them.

It takes about a week to arrive in the mail.

I only go to the local, brick and mortar pharmacy for emergency scripts (antibiotics).

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Ordering viagra for people to ashamed to admit they have a problem.

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My health insurance insists on mail order pharmacies. I’ve never had a repeating prescription before, so I was horrified to find on my fourth refill that the insurance wouldn’t cover any of it because it wasn’t through mail order. Eating is highly overrated anyway That was an expensive month.

One of my meds is available at Walgreen’s for only $4, so I can gloat about recouping my loss a little bit.

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