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What are you or have been addicted to?

Asked by cage (3125points) January 23rd, 2009

I used to be addicted to video games, and decided to stop playing for a week, i.e. no contact of any sort with them. I managed to get them out of my system.
I still play, but only recreationally. Yes I play WoW

The other thing’ve been mental over is Kinder Buenos. I used to eat about 6 a day and I HAD to have them.
I don’t know how I stopped that.

People have also called me a sex addict, so far as to go and buy me a book on sex addiction. However I can tell you I’m certainly not. I just enjoy a jolly good rodgering in all shapes and forms.

Anyway, what would you say you are addicted to, or have had a problem with in the past?

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Fluther? ;)

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@laureth I agree with you at times.

and nacho cheese.

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Diet Cokes (kicked it!)
the web
music in all forms
solitaire on my iPhone

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Newman’s organic mint Oreos.

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Sex and dysfunctional relationships where sex comes first and the feelings are scrambled about in the aftermath.

And bad sleeping habits and Raisinettes (when I’m high).

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Gordon Ramsay. I just can’t get enough of him. His books are on my “to buy” list. I’m watching his shows every chance I get (well except now, but that’s changing in 5 minutes!). It’s not really a bad addiction because I’m learning a lot about cooking.

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My computer, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, margaritas. I can’t say I’m ADDICTED to sex, but I sure love it & jump in on it whenever I can. :P

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Msn messenger, facebook, candy, cosmopolitans, junk food, shopping, and like everyone of you.. sex

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My husband’s smile. I just can’t get enough of it.
Any cooking show (Top Chef, Iron Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Bizzare Foods, to name a few.)
Ice cream.
Back rubs.

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Chips, cigarettes, coffee, sex, video games, beer…. yeah i’ve had a few addictions.. luckily I’m down to two.. I’ll let you guess for yourself which two.

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I’ll just let you know the real definition of a sex addict is someone who will go through anything to achieve an orgasm. Whether that be a job, money or family.
Much like cocaine addicts and such.

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Oh, and Cosmo magazine. :D

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I think everyone enjoys a “jolly good rodgering”!

I have to say though, while I like a lot of things, I’ve never been addicted to anything. I could walk away from anything and not really miss it. Except family and friends, but I only see them now and then.

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@cage, you sure know how to throw a wet blanket on the party!!!

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Sex is not an addiction of mine. It’s like everything else in life for me, when I have it: AWESOME. When/if I don’t, that’s cool too. Something’s wrong with me, haha.

Food is my addiction, straight up.

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@jbfletcherfan I started this fucking party man SO GETTOUTA MA HOUSE IF YOU’RE GONA COMPLAIN BOUT THE HOST!

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@cage,,,...uh excuse me? Are you always this rude to your guests then?

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Fluther, cigarettes, reading, diet Sprite.

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Love, online communities with a lot of intelligent people (maybe—I don’t actually think I’d lose family or money to do it, but we’ll see), but mainly love. I’ve done some rather desperate things to find a way to believe I am loved. Unfortunately, it’s not something anyone else can give me.

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Well I really like lots of stuff LOTS (chocolate, sex, video games, fluther) ... but I’ve only ever been addicted to nicotine and gambling although I am no longer to either.

I’m busily trying to get addicted to beer at the moment though – see how that pans out! You’ve certainly got to have a lot of the stuff to get addicted to it. Far more than crack… which I tried once and craved for a week. That was many moons ago and I have and would never touch that stuff again, ever.

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@jbfletcherfan sarcasm.
I don’t think a comment like that can really be taken seriously. Especially with the poor spelling and such. Never mind. I apologise, but I certainly didn’t mean to cause offense.

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Nicotine, Caffeine (energy drinks, not coffee), Alcohol (the social aspect, not a physical addiction), Video Games (currently Fallout 3) and NyQuil (if I’m sick I get all excited to take the stuff)

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coffee, and clothing, and music…

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Coffee (got rid of that), chocolate, ice cream, Chipotle, lack of sleep, late nighters, reading, Google, Procrastinating, Cramming, eleventh hour submissions.

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in order of decreasing addiction

gum (I carry 14 packs in my purse, no lie)
my education
pictures (and photography)
Diet Mountain Dew,
Dunkin Donuts Coffee,
Rich, dark chocolate,
Grey’s Anatomy
Iphone Tetris

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My daughter

bud,dank,marijuana,mota,cheeba,kush,regs,schwag,pot,indo,chronic…you know.

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I was addicted to smokeless tobacco for 23 years and I finally quit cold turkey in 2004. Quitting the habit was one of the hardest things I ever did and also one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life. It was a very addicting and bad habit.

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Gaming, Nestle Crunch, cracking knuckles, biting nails are no longer issues.

Pretty cuticles, Ice Cubes, Lion Bars, and funky eyeshadow are my new problems.

Sadly, you can’t get Lion Bars almost anywhere in the US. I found them in a castle in a vending machine in France, once in Boston and once in NYC. Never again. They’re delicious.

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Im addicted to danger and risk taking. I love adrenaline.

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I was a smoker for twenty years, and now I’ve been a non-smoker for close to twenty. Quitting smoking was one of the hardest and best things I’ve ever done for myself. I can barely tolerate the smell of cigarettes any more.

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Quitting any kind of tobacco has got to be terribly difficult. I admire all of you who have done that.

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I’ve been off the cigarettes for two years now. Other than that, what have you got?

@gailcalledat least it’s not oreos, those things are horrible for you. Hmmm…perhaps that explains the addictivity…

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Cigarettes and Mario.

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@asmonet lol, I can crack my toe knuckles without touching them. :) Much addicted myself!

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Coca cola. And my iPhone.

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I was addicted to alcohol, I quit cold turkey about a year ago, but I think it was probably harder when I quit coffee a couple of months ago. I did that cold turkey too and it was tough! My most recent addiction was to Scooter’s soy chai’s, but it was really expensive and I got tired of them pretty quickly.

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Fluther as laureth said.
And Coffee.
Coca Cola
Sprite. (only 2 soda I like).
I love drinking (more than eating!—and not because I am thirsty of anything, as a matter of fact, I’m hungry!).

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Cocaine. It was the 80s.

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I missed PnL’s the first time around…Yeah, I’m completely addicted to Chipotle. And I love it.

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In chronological order:

books until I discovered pinball games
pinball games when I discovered them
video games when those were invented
internet when that got invented

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Friends another is nikotin and also love.

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diet peach snapple, coffee, sims 2 (but only in phases. they end just as abruptly as they start, so i don’t think that really counts), procrastination fluther, horrible sleeping habits

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I smoked for 22 years, quit 19 years ago.

After 17 years, an ex-smoker’s lungs look as clean as those of someone who has never smoked. I celebrated that milestone.

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@Jeruba – as do I with you! That means we’ll have you around a whole lot longer!!

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Gosh, thanks, @Bri_L! <blushing> Actually I always believed that the bullet that came for me wouldn’t be cancer, but I’ve got a good half-dozen others chasing me. Nothing getting too close yet, though, so far as I know.

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hmm, is there a difference between things you gotta have and addiction? Well, my addictions would include: cigarettes, Starbucks bottled Frappuccino coffee drink, and the Internet. Things I gotta have would be: hugs, sleep, oxygen, and a good ‘Rodgering’ now and again.

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coffee, facebook, cat power, and biting my nails and chewing my fingertip skin (nasty habit, i know!)

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Hells Kitchen
Judge Mathis
The Price Is Right
TVO aka a DVR

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Coca Cola, Oreos, brownies, Poker… and now Fluther. Help me!

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@whackyrusty Oh, there is no hope for you…you are doomed.
Just like the rest of us!

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@augustlan :) My eyes are burning, I haven’t stopped to blink yet.

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Extremely rude question beyond rudeness: How old are you?

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@90s_kid I am 41 years old kiddo! I know…old. :)

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@augustlan; You are a spring chicken; 90s is still a hatchling.

And, try as I might, I can find no question asked by Augustlan, much less a rude one. She left a little list and then wrote some declarative sentences.

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@Gail: I think he meant he was getting ready to ask me a rude question. In his eyes, I am probably ancient!

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(And your age is in your profile.)

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Had no idea what you said, too philosophical or something.
Where? can’t find it.
I’ve been asked this question many times before on fluther, and an even worse expression is on the other person’s face when they notice that they are conversing with a teenager. Haha.

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@90s_kid, it was there the day I posted that comment, about two weeks ago (and had been for months preceding). I checked it right before posting. It isn’t there now…replaced by her new status.

What’s weird about conversing with a teenager? Most teens I know are great to talk to. If anything puts me off talking to someone, it won’t be age, no matter how young or how old.

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Well, that is not true for some people. won’t mention any names
@asmonet, no it is not you

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@90s_kid: Grow up. I don’t think about you all day.

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[mod says:] @90s_kid There’s no need to keep bringing that up. Grudge ends here, please guys.

Response moderated
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I’m taking the 5th on this one….

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coffee, adrenaline, the travel channel, my ex (yah it’s a problem, I wish they had a patch for handling THAT addiction!).

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fluther..? for today anyway.

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Marijuana. Newport Cigarettes. Massively Multiplayer Online RPG’s. Swearing.

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Cigarettes, sex, internet.

I love how everyone is conveniently skipping over mentioning cocaine. What you never went a round with the stuff? Yeah me neither.

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@Horus515 : If truth be told, I never used drugs. And I bet that I am not the only one here.

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@Horus515: No powders for me. Anything that you can’t tell the quality of without looking at it smells fishy to me.

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I used to sit infront of the computer on myspace for HOURS !
I started dating one boy and hanging out with a different crowd so I was NEVER home to be on it.

And now when I am home, i can’t stand to even think about being on myspace. lol, no more myspace for me

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Kingdom of Loathing
snail mail
cigarettes & coffee
sleep deprivation

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nicotine, internet and money (since this fuels all my other addictions and whims).

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I might as well face it…..........I’m addicted to LOVE!

oh yeah and “BUD”(my boo) “I dont smoke”

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water. not exercising. playing guitar :D

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starbucks, online anything, chocolate chip cookies, SHOES!!!

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unfortunatly I get addicted to things very easy and have had plenty of bad habits in the past. luckily, Ive been clean though for 26 months and 12 days. Still have some addictions, just nothing crazy

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For all the, pot, coke, pills and occasional hit of acid.

Cigarettes have been the only thing I have developed an addiction for. All the above stuff I out grew. Oh, and cant turn down a nice steak and a cold beer.

Thank goodness I did not have video games when I grew up. The 70’s. I can see how the games of today can get you hooked. When I was younger, addicted to going out and playing with my friends, outside was the addiction of the times.

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Cigarettes, weed, alcohol, WoW (I hate admitting how much time I flushed down the toilet with this). My biggest one of all is caffeine though.

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Soda, Surfing the web, Sleep

I can’t stop drinking soda everyday… need to stop… aaaarahghgdklv…

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Was addicted:
AiROW (an old site)
Counter-strike Source
Red Alert 2
Electric retard comics

Now Addicted:
Nazi zombies
Downloading porn/music illegally
White castle burgers

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alcohol, nicotine, (though recently quit) but by far #1: adrenaline. I’m addicted to it even though i don’t get the feeling of adrenaline that often. I love it enough to know that when it’s pumping through my system it is like no other.

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@mass_pike4: You can generate adrenalin by the fight-or-flight

Since Saber-toothed tigers are extinct, get into a fight with your local Heavyweight champ; try to cross the Mass Pike during rush hour; make a blueberry pie from scratch; while it is baking, wash the kitchen floor, remove pie from oven and drop on floor

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@gailcalled: no! not the pie! :(

I’m addicted to reading good books, iced coffee, fluther, the internet, iTunes, black plums when they’re super ripe, Diablo 2 (sometimes), checking my email, knitting, perfume, good tea, sea salt, Lawry’s Garlic Salt, crunchy salty refrigerator pickles, fountain pens, blue jeans, cooking/baking, several tv shows, and pajama pants.

I’ve been yelled at by my mom before about my extreme internet time. And some professors hate it when you knit in class, even though Miss Marple proved in the 20s (?) that you can knit and listen and deduce all at the same time. :D

I have too much perfume, but like many people with other things, I’m always looking for the “perfect” one. (It’s not a law of diminishing returns, I feel, because there are always new things to try.)

I’m sure I forgot a few! :D

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evegrimm- Come on now. Tell us really. What makes you tick?

You left out the transparent plane you enjoy flying in.

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@evegrimm: Miss Marple did not knit in a lecture hall with a slanted floor. If you drop a needle, it will clank down 30 rows of chairs and often land at the professor’s feet.

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I used to be addicted to the sexual attention of others, I nearly lost my GF over it.

The attention, compliments and petting from others just felt so right. It was scary.

I took ownership of my problem and began talk therapy and started taking an SSRI. Im much happier now.

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The internet. I wasted about 4 years of my life staring at a computer screen. I’m a little better now, but… It’s hard when there are awesome sites like Fluther to get hooked on! :)

Videogames are also pretty bad… especially the ones that let you do different things every day, like Animal Crossing and Pokemon. Luckily, videogames are becoming more and more social, so being addicted to videogames isn’t as unhealthy as it used to be.

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dr pepper. it was good.

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I’m addicted to cigarettes, weed, coca cola, chocolate.. make-up, TV, internet.. erhm.. music.. My family doensn’t have diseases with heart, diabites that sort of thing, only addiction.

Aster's avatar

Vitamin supplements, The Bachelor/Bachelorette and my computer.
I guess it could be worse.

gailcalled's avatar

@whyigottajoin: I hope that you are not the first with emphysema, lung cancer, malnutrition, rotten teeth or heart disease and diabetes. They’re very unpleasant.

whyigottajoin's avatar

@gailcalled Well thanks for wishing me such a bright future, so kind of you to say. that was sarcasm btw

gailcalled's avatar

@whyigottajoin: My remark was well-meant and straightforward. You and your choices may not decide your future but they certainly influence it. It is hard to imagine having a chronic and possibly fatal disease when you are still very young.

Response moderated
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@gailcalled Just because I wrote down a few things I eat, doesn’t mean I don’t mind what I eat, and that I only eat unhealthy things. And just because you read a few sentances I wrote on Fluther doesn’t mean you know me or anything about me so quit being so judgemental.
And btw my mother is a nutrian-specialist almost everything you buy in the supermarkets isn’t healthy nowadays.
Look at yourself first before commenting on me, I didn’t ask for your remarks.

gailcalled's avatar

I am looking at myself, dear heart. I buy organic food from our local food coop; I neither drink smoke nor do drugs and eat no animal protein.I buy only a few paper products from the supermarkets.

(You still misspelled “sentence” and I have never heard of a nutrian specialist? Is that the same as a nutritionalist.)

My remarks were qualified and not absolute. I bet I am old enough to be your grandmother. I have certainly seen young lives snuffed out unnecessarily, which saddens me.

And finally, this site is for answers and discussions. But feel free to chose your poison. I withdraw from the field. But note that there has been a dramatic increase in diabetes, heart disease, autism, obesity in today’s generation caused not only by food choices, but toxins in the air, water. and for all I know, in organic kale.

whyigottajoin's avatar

Yea so?! Still doesn’t mean you know me or that I poison myself =S And I know this site is for discussions and answers but I still didn’t ask for your remarks or answers.
And I know that there has been an increase in those things like I said my mom specialises in those things. If I want advice I’ll go to her and not you.

SuperMouse's avatar

@whyigottajoin when you join The Collective and participate in threads, you invite the answers, advice, and opinions of other members. Everything @gailcalled is good, common sense advice. Maybe the reason you to continue to argue is that you are not willing to face the truth of what she is saying. It is fabulous that your mother is a nutritionist, maybe you should have a conversation with her about how your cigarette, coca-cola, and chocolate addictions might be adversely affecting your health.

gailcalled's avatar

@SuperMouse: And let’s not forget the other food group – weed. Thanks for being my knightess in shining armor.

whyigottajoin's avatar

Whatever, people. It’s just that I didn’t ask for her comments and I thought she was being judgemental about the whole thing. Gail doenst know what I do to compensate those things. It’s not like I started a question asking for advice on the subject so.

stevenb's avatar

@whyigottajoin, Gail didn’t say anything judgemental to you, but stated a hope that you would not experience any bad results from your addictions. You should take it as such and not be so offended by her comments. One thing Gail doesn’t do, is try to offend someone purposefully. She is a smart, experienced and wise woman, and I always find her advice worth listening to. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

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BOOKS. I know it sounds weird, but even if I don’t finsih reading them, I still like to keep lots and lots of books around in case I want to know anything, research, or just take my mind away…. I love reading….

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From reading these posts it looks more like people are listing their favorite things. I’ve always felt addictions of any sort are like what you read about. A gambling addict who puts their house up for sale to try the next bet. A drug addict that will steal and hurt the people he/she loves to get their next fix. So as I see it, a real addiction is something that hurts the people that would otherwise matter to them just to do more of said addiction. Following that idea, I’ve been physically addicted to two medications I was prescribed, once to a video game (I was cutting work and ignoring friends and family and faking sickness to have more time to play), and once to alcohol. All of them, once I realized that I was hooked, I’ve simply stopped. Deal with the physical withdrawl symptoms, keep my mind on what I want (to be free, and hell with the consequenses) and try to learn from said mistake and move forward. A real addiction is something you’ll do regardless of how it makes you or others feel, and that usually hurts you even if you don’t admit to it at the time. My past addictions, I’ve dropped and left out of my life. I do drink, but only socially now, and not often.

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Baskin and Robbins ice cream (peanutbutter & chocolate and pralines & cream, oh yes!)...I found one cannot live on ice cream alone. I’m on the wagon, have been for about two years now, and on cholesterol Rx. Used it for comfort, socializing, celebrating, rewarding, .....pretty much excuse. I gave directions using B&Rs as land marks. It felt like walking into Cheers, all the employees knew me. It’s not a good thing when they ask if you, “Want your usual?” One day in winter I walked into an empty store and young guy said, “You’re the only one.” Turned out, he meant I was the only one of the regulars that came year ‘round, even in the cold. I wish I’d had stock in B&R, I’d have gotten rich, just off of me!

zzc's avatar

I’m also a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, partially, because of being hooked on B&R, since they opened in the ‘70’s! Found I couldn’t handle just cutting down, it was a slippery slope. Had to go cold turkey. I’m in “recovery” now. and proud!

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I am addicted to music, Reisen chocolate coated caramels and the wonders of the Internet Fluther included.


Miss Vickies or Old Dutch Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips. Pringles Original Potato Chips. When I eat either, just one chip, it becomes addictive, and I have a very hard time stopping until there’s none left. Sigh!

stevenb's avatar

Boobies. Just sayin.


@stevenb Heh-heh…good one. :3

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@scarlet, don’t worry, you’re not the only one addicted to reading! In fact, my addiction to reading and purchasing books is the main reason that I
had to join DA. Maybe we
should start a 12 step for
verbivoirs? I’m only half-way
kidding. DA has actually
helped me quit buying books.
Not buying more has become
a challange. Words have
become my main addiction. I
love to read in a large part
because I enjoy words and English. When my husband and I moved, the library
actually told us to stop
dropping off books, they had
received to many from us. (Or
maybe they didn’t and my
husband lied, because he was
tired of taking boxes of books
to them? :o) ) I actually had to quit my job at Barnes and Noble because I couldn’t afford it! I think that right now I am reading 6 or 7. I start one, and then I find another I haven’t read yet, which suggests another I haven’t read yet, and so on…

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smoking but now i am done with it.

likipie's avatar

Johnny Depp, cigarettes, razors, fudge pops, perching on the tops of very high places, candy corn, Johnny Depp (did I already say that?), and pissing my mom off. Oh, and Johnny Depp. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget him. Johnny Depp, that is.

likipie's avatar

Have I ever mentioned that I love Johnny Depp? I’m not sure I emphasized that enough in my last answer.

likipie's avatar


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I am addicted to using the internet, Starbucks or just coffee in general, perfumes and even though I am female, I love football.

MooCows's avatar

Being loved
nail polish
continually trying to stay thin

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