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What's more essential to your day - your laptop or your cell phone?

Asked by jfrederick (219points) January 23rd, 2009
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Well I don’t own a laptop, but I would say my computer either way, since I can still call people with skype cause im just that slick.

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For my workday, it’s my laptop, hands down. Thanks to VoIP it can be a mostly-phone, so it has that advantage.

For after work, it’s probably my iPod Touch, so I guess mini computer, it’s not really a laptop but it’s close. However my phone is also pretty necessary – mine just broke a few days ago and it was only yesterday night that I found an older phone that works, so I missed a bunch of calls, and I also now don’t have anyone’s phone number. But if I had trusted my iPod more I would have inputted all that info in there. So that’s what I’m doing from now on, to reduce my dependency on my cell phone. So my final and slightly long winded answer is my mini computer the iPod Touch is more essential to my after work life.

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I have the best of both worlds with my iPhone.

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Laptop laptop laptop.

I didn’t own a cellphone until last year. Quite honestly I think, especially in today’s economy, they are an extra and not needed. I only got mine for business and I got the single cheapest $24 a month plan I could.

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Laptop. I recently went for two and a half months without a cell phone, and it was the purest bliss I have experienced in a long time. We had a tornado here a few months ago and the only thing I brought with me was my laptop (and my external hard drive).

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cell phone. It almost doubles as my laptop.

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neither one is essential to my day.. they are just toys.. if they both fell into a well I probably wouldn’t cry.. i might laugh a little.. then i’d go buy another

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cell phone!!! my blackberry was one of my greatest investments. it’s like a computer and a phone all at the same time.

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Both? My iPhone is just dandy! :)

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Yes! I couldnt live without one or the other!!!

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My iPhone too! Love, love, love it!

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Mobile. It’s a Blackberry, so I have everything I need to access on it.

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My laptop hands down. I use my cell only for an occasionally text to my girlfriend. But as a programmer, being able to write code without being tied to a desk is wonderful.

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I love both, but use my Iphone more during the day. It’s the ultimate boredom buster.

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I have a cell phone (costs about $7/month) but I use it very rarely (like once every couple of weeks….)

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Defiantly my laptop. I carry it to every class with me.

I left my cell phone at a friends house (They live an hour and half away) for 2 weeks, I didn’t really miss it that much. If I needed to call someone I looked up their number on my laptop then used the nearest phone. I only had to look up numbers a couple times, I really didn’t seem to need a phone that much.

If I were to leave my laptop at a friends house, I don’t know what I would have done. I probably would have gone to get it the night I found out I didn’t have it with me.

Laptop.. no doubt here

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my cell phone when not home. and computer\ cell when home

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laptop for sure. I can be creative, reach out to the world, look up information simply and quickly, do my work from anywhere. It stores all the mementos from my life. You can use Skype on the computer so it even has an integrated phone.

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iphone I even use it when I’m at home in front of my laptop.

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I can live without both. But I would take my laptop. I use it for most of my communication and recreation. The cell phone is just a leash my parents gave me.

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My Blackberry is the most important thing for me. I just use my laptop for long notes and emails. Otherwise, short emails and all that is done via Blackberry.

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Laptop first, BlackBerry second.

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