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What is the best way to spend your mid-life crisis?

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) January 23rd, 2009
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dancing and laughing!

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2 votes for dancing and laughing.. if you are doing both of those simultaneously.. there’s not a single chance you aren’t having a good time

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First…. seek therapy from a qualified mental health expert.

Second….. grab a beer, hit the highway in your Corvette convertible, hopefully hook up with a sex symbol half your age or younger, and go to Vegas.

Third…...When you wake up with no car, no money, no beer, no sex symbol and a hangover, hitchhike your way back to the therapist.

Fourth….. Listen to your therapist and follow suggestions.

Individuals may wish to skip steps number 2 and 3 and go right for the good stuff, that decision is left up to the individual and these are merely guidelines with no implied or expressed warranty.

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I bought a motorcycle thinking it was something I could do without the wife because I thought there was no way she would want to ride. Go figure she loves to ride on the back and comes riding with me most all the time.

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Haven’t had mine yet, but I’m hoping it involves a basset hound, a convertible, and an endless sea of chocolate chip cookies. Oh yeah, and dancing and laughing.

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Between dancing-and-laughing –
Write down your stories. The middle of your life is the end of your youth. You’ve learned so much since that time when you bought that scooter, dated that hussy, walked away from that perplexing job. Look back at the person you were and enjoy those mistakes and adventures again (it’s easier to enjoy them now: you can shift all the blame to other people; after all, these are your stories).
Pretty soon you won’t think of this as a “crisis”. You’ll think of it as getting out of jail free.

Resume laughing and dancing.

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By not forgeting who the real me is.

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@susanc I love that advice. I am going to do that. Much lurve.

but how did you know about the hussy?

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@cprevite: eye in the sky.

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Dor my midlife crisis, I want to buy a porsche and enjoy it as much as possible (yes, I don’t plan to have a family)

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climb a mountain!

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Travel! It will give you a lot of perspective, a lot of opportunity and a chance to kick off the second half of your life with new experiences. That money seems better spent than on material things, or, blowing it on superficial experiences around you. Think about how much better a glass of wine tastes in Spain, than at the Olive Garden in a mall parking lot.

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I think I’m past the mid life crisis stage,I just can’t remember.

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