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Why is Fluther so Addictive?

Asked by nebule (16439points) January 23rd, 2009

It just IS isn’t it…. BUT…Why????

Does it wear off after a while?

like facebook? I’ve gone off facebook and waiting for FLuther addiction to dissipate but it doesn’t seem to be a’ comin’....

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It’s the Lurve.

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Lurve is coated with special endorphins that make it impossible to resist.

Like cookies.

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I think the hidden source of self-confidence and narcissism of lurve is part of it, as well as the pride felt in receiving lurve for just stating your opinion or telling what you know. It’s positive reinforcement. The social aspect of the site isn’t hurting anything either – you’re getting to know someone with the pure exchange of knowledge, which is the best way to get to know someone (moreso that your myspace profile). The ability to quickly receive responses when you need to know something is just one more good aspect.

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I think that we find ideas terribly stimulating. We especially seem to like to mull over relationship questions. I think it makes us feel connected, and it is a safe way to make new friends. Real life makes these things so much more difficult. I think many of us are lonely (yeah, I don’t quite understand why the ones with so many friends still spend so much time here). A number of others are depressed or have been depressed, and this makes it easier for depressed people to reach out. We are supportive. We listen. We don’t fight all that often. What’s not to like?

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@cprevite Is that what that is on the cookies! I always thought it was icing.

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Because we can ask and/or answer embarrassing questions that some of us would never dream about asking a room full of people in real life. Fluther Rocks!

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I feel like I’m missing out on something when I’m not fluthering.
@daloon Very well put, lurve to you. :)

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It is a combination of things, at first you don’t know any personalities, so it’s the questions and immediate interaction that draws you in, but then you get to know people and it’s kind of like a big, happy family. We kind of know how people will respond, but were intrigued to find out anyway. And we do ask a variety of questions. Serious, fun, practical…lots of good stuff.

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@Grisson Oh yes! t h e c o o k i e s

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It’s not one thing… its the whole thing. As it is with cookies, so it is with Fluther. And cake.

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the people, the website(design) and the lurve

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I think it is because of the the subliminal embedded messages….

feel the lurve
be one w/ the lurve
all we need is lurve
lurve to be lurved
lurve each other

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apart from what that has been said above, i think that flutherers are in general kind hearted and are willing to offer good advise on personal matters. I don’t know about other Q& A websites, but flutherer’ topics seem to interest me a lot. Answers are usually witty, imaginative and funny as hell.

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Because it isn’t any of the things that Yahoo Answers and Askville seem to be.

Thank god.

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Because it’s the same people stating there opinion and I am curious to see what they say in a topic I am interested in.

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I wish I knew. Then I might be able to find a way to break my addiction ;)

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<<<<<<<<“Hi. My name is Snoopy. I’m addicted to Fluther.”

(jellies responding in unison) “Hi, Snoopy”

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Each of us secretly hopes to get a date with Ben and/or Andrew.

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although i’d settle for richardhenry

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@lynneblundell You might be more likely to get your wish if you didn’t characterize the event as having to “settle” :)

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i think it’s those charming comments under your username. how can you not wonder what sweet little compliments you’re going to get tomorrow? or 10 minutes from now, when you should be doing something “important”.

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please forgive me oh richardhenry

i don’t think he’s listening anyway…maybe

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I think it’s addictive bacause you get to chat with lots of people, and and and if you get a “great answer” you’re like ‘hey someone likes what I say’ and you’re happy…. or I don’t know why

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Human need to connect.

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