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Talking to youself?

Asked by mea05key (1812points) January 23rd, 2009

Haha. I find that i constantly talking to myself and i am concious of that everytime. Sometimes i do it in my head but when i am terribly tired and could not concentrate, like a rupture in a vessel, i speak to myself loudly and so happen that my landlord saw me doing it and commented on me being crazy!! Do you think i am crazy and do you think that people that talks to themselves are crazy? To me, i think its simply a mechanism to comfort myself and to reassure that whatever i am doing is correct, basically justifying it myself. I’m a quiet guy and don’t socialise much. Find it really hard to get along with people with thick sarcasm. UNfortunately most people tend to do that therefore im stuck in conversation always. What do u think?

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I talk to myself when I am doing things like Photoshop, Bowling and gaming. It helps center my thoughts and a double reminder of what i want to do and need to accomplish. Just don’t scream it to yourself. =)
Oh, and no, i dont think you are crazy for doing it. aslong as you didn’t say, “i will get them, or I am going to go on a mad crazy killing spree”

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I think I’ve found a kindred spirit.

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It would be funny if someone talked to themselves during sex.

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It’s when you start talking to yourself in different voices that you’ve got to watch out!

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steel market..that’s spooky…i begin to doubt myself now * thinks* i probably I should record myself and see what i have been doing.

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If you find that you are talking to yourself in celebrity voices, it just means that you have discovered a new career path.

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@Elumas “ohhhhh yeaaa im banging her… nowww to sneak it in the pooper” WTF WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING TOOO!

@steelmarket :P

to answer the question, yes i occasionally talk to myself, but its usually when im doing object oriented stuff, it helps me think more clearly about what i actually have to do.

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an honorable expressive method of being ones self.
also called “Soliloquy”. those who would qustion it in others are merely insecure with themselves. I just talked this outloud, before putting it to script. It helps clarify the thoughts.

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LOL great question

Just talking to yourself: helping your train of thought or “to comfort myself and to reassure that whatever i am doing is correct, basically justifying it myself” ie verbalize what your plans are “when I get home I make supper, do dishes, watch a movie, go to bed…” = not crazy

talking to a voice that’s directly talking to you(that you have no control over):ie recieving instructions hurt yourself/others or do bad/weird things =possible crazy

talking to someone (you see) who isn’t there= crazy (or drunk/stoned)

but it sounds like your helping your train of thought (“to comfort myself and to reassure that whatever i am doing is correct, basically justifying it myself”) soooo your probably not crazy… yet

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haha well explained trantxseries….

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You’re not crazy. Anyone who has seen a person do this will know what you’re doing, although there will likely be one in the crowd who thinks you’re crazy.

My partner does this. It used to drive my crazy (I wanted to know what he was muttering!) until I accepted that it’s just his way of thinking, and that his mutterings are not worthy of examination because he ultimately expresses what he thinks.

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I usually talk at/to my computer at work. He never answers back.

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@ chyna
i do that quite often too. I asked her questions some times. Most of the item she ignores me.

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Mine ignores me too. Me: Where is that file? Where did you store it? Him: silence

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I’ve always talked to myself. I argue with myself. I’ve spoken in different voices to myself. I’ve answered my own questions out loud to myself. I’ve insulted myself.

It can get a bit awkward when others see me doing it though.

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I yell at my computer when I’m certain no one can hear me. I also wisper my thoughts aloud to myself all the time.

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I’ve had a few decent conversations with myself that I can remember and when I noticed people who were watching me during those times, the looks on their faces were priceless.

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I talk to myself in my head constantly. It’s bound to slip out into the world at times.

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I talk to myself aloud at work when multi tasking. It’s a noisy environment and speaking seems to help me concentrate.

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I know that because I live with people from another country.That mean bo talk in my own language.The another thing is that I imagine situationes in my head with eyse open.I have to learn haw to control that.This stuff is natural I guess{answer to your question}.

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My daughter and I were discussing this the other night. She told me she talks to herself and answers herself, I told her not to worry. I would be time to worry when you start naming the voices – and introducing them to each other!

I talk to myself, a lot. Especially if I am working on a project and I’ve just had a meeting with a client that waits until the last minute to submit changes – after it’s complete formatted and ready to go.

I think it’s better to talk to yourself, than to ignore yourself…nothing like being ticked off at yourself, right?

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computers are female, so when you speak of talking to your computer, use the feminine term.

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I had a long conversation with my frakking Dell today – because it refused to boot this morning. I will spare you the details….

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Outloud? I do it every so often. When I’m aggravated about something, I’ll mutter about it to myself. Sometimes I catch myself doing it at work, about nothing important, and people look at me funny.
I also talk to a child all day that does not really speak yet, and I pretend that he responds when he answers with baby talk. We don’t encourage his jibberish, so I have to just hold normal conversations with him. Technically, I’m talking to myself all day haha

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you think too much, its a cognitive thing,, its not bad, if it gets out hand seek psychological help

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I always do I get answer’s too

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@Elumas I so totally agree. I talk to myself in my head during sex and it kinda makes me more turned on lol. But out loud would just be weird.
I think its normal to talk to yourself lol. Some people do it more than others, but at some point in life i think you’ll find evey person in the world talk to themselves. Wether they’ll admit to it or not is another story though ;)

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