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Do you know what took fluther out?

Asked by eambos (8909points) January 23rd, 2009

As many of you may have noticed, fluther has been down for a couple of hours. Would Andrew or Ben please explain what happened?

Thanks for the quick response, good to have Fluther back.

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Reverse DNS problems on the mySQL box.

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Ahhh, i sort of understand, but do you think you could put that into slightly more layman’s terms?

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Oh. Now I understand.

Well, no not really…


I would like a prorated refund of my Fluther membership, reflecting the time frame lack of access to the site.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


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See what had happened was:

Basement Cat started browsing the web, and somehow stumbled upon the GPS satellite that the Fluther was using to guide themselves through the ocean… And decided that it would be cool to turn the GPS satellite off for a while. The Fluther got lost in the Marianas trench, and we couldn’t see in the deep dark evil trench, and our tentacles could not feel anything but other jellies.

Somehow, we made it back as soon as Basement Cat stopped messing with the GPS.

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The MySQL thing is a cover up by the government. It was zombies. More information here.

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our tentacles could not feel anything but other jellies.

Sounds like a party.

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I don’t believe in government coverup’s or zombies (peers around, hope they heard me.)

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@chyna (whispering) don’t you mean didn’t hear you????

Wait! RUN!!!

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they can’t get me if I don’t believe

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@snoopy: I’m glad to comply with your request. 2 lurve has been refunded. Please let management know if you like to refund the remainder of your lurve. :-)

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@andrew your customer service is most appreciated….

wait. what?

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