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Which direction is the best for sleep?

Asked by joli (628points) September 30th, 2007

I read somewhere years ago you should point your head toward either North, South, East or West, but I cannot remember which, or why.

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west? So that the sun doesn’t fry your face in the morning? LOL

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Uphill. Otherwise the blood pools in your head, and you wake up with a bitch of a headache.

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According to some fortune-teller I saw, south for prosperity, east for good health; north and west give you their respective opposites.

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Manahouri, this is so excellently useful! Here’s my story: My husband and I just bought a very tiny house in the town nearest us because living way out in the country was getting old as we ourselves got old. We wanted to spend winters closer to friends, movies, the House of Pho. So we have this tiny bedroom and we have to move our big bed into it. There are doors on the west wall so that’s out for placement. There’s only one window and it’s on the north wall so that’s out, and that worried me because I always heard your head should be north. Without knowing why, I took this very seriously. That leaves the east and south walls. The south would work, but prosperity is a non-issue; the east would make the room nicest. But it worried me.
After we closed on the house, we found out my husband has lung cancer. He’s doing very well, though the prognosis is sucky.
But here we are about to move into a bedroom where the best possible place for us to sleep will offer good health!! You have saved me from fear. Thank you so much. I may be ridiculous but whatever helps. I appreciate this very much.
And we will be sure to put little blocks under the legs at the head of the bed to keep the blood from running uphill. Thank you too, squigish.

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It doesn’t make a bit of difference. Why should it? Just put the bed where it fits well in the room.

(I’m sure you can find many sources of superstitions that tell you it does make a difference. But I’m also sure that if you find enough of them, you’ll find they all contradict each other.)

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@snej:It doesn’t matter if they contradict each other. It’s all about feeling that you’re not alone in the universe. Which is true. You telling me it doesn’t make a bit of differenc is another example of this principle. thanks.

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susanc, you hit the nail on the head. Irregardless of what I read before and don’t remember, my experience tells me it makes a difference in how serene my sleep is. Perhaps it’s fung-sheu, or truly scientific, but I moved my bed recently and I have been sleeping much more peacefully than before. I wonder now if it’s because all four sides of the bed are away from a wall? I treasure freedom from contraint of any sort. Hmmmnn. Interesting. Thanks for the input, fellow flutherers.

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Your head can point to any direction only thing you have to note that when u get up it shouldnt be facing south. It is said that only people who dies or their pictures must face south direction.

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A person should sleep with his head facing the South direction.

Our body can be considered a magnet with our head representing its magnetic north and feet representing its magnetic south. When you sleep with your head in South; magnetic fields from the head (north) go towards to south of the earth and when your feet (south) point towards the north it forms a magnetic loop, so you in the flow. This happens because in magnetic theory, Opposites attracts and Likes repel. Milan B.

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@RainFreshWaterdotcom That doesn’t make any sense at all, at least from a physics perspective. Our body can not be considered a magnet, there’s no such thing as a magnetic loop, and even if there was it wouldn’t have anything to do with how well you sleep.

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