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What are your feelings about the Mexico City Policy?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) January 24th, 2009

Although I assume most people are familiar with it (because we’re all so smart), I’m still going to link the articles I read about it, so that if you have no clue you can easily catch up.



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I am not familiar with what exactly the mexico city policy is, I am aware he opened up funding for parent planning facilities here and abroad. This is in stride with other presidential actions from before, for example reagen limited it, clinton opened it back up again, bush did the same as reagen and obama is just opening it up again. All presidents did this within their first week. Besides that, I support improving the health of women and families in general and think its arrogent to impose religious views regarding that on everyone. No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion.

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Women need access to safe, affordable medical care. This includes abortions.

The real problem that needs to be addressed is unplanned pregnancy. If people who did not want to have children did not get pregnant in the first place, the need for abortions would go away. So how do you get people who don’t want children to not get pregnant in the first place?

Here comes Alfreda with her soapbox: SEX MEANS BABIES. If you’re going to engage in it, you have to accept that is the biological intended outcome of intercourse. There are options intended to circumvent this outcome, but unless you have surgery, none of them are fool-proof. And even vasectomies fail. Both parties need to take responsibility for preventing pregnancy.

To me, a lot of fault lies with television shows that portray casual sex without any sort of consequence. We’ve become a society, where, if you have a dinner date, and your date pays, you’re expected to end up in bed. I just don’t get how the expectation of “Thank you, I had a lovely evening, it’s worth getting pregnant or contracting and STD so I have to be reminded of you for the rest of my life” ever became okay with women.

The take away from this rant is “Alfreda is pro-choice, pro-personal responsibility and believes there is no way to guarantee unintended consequences will not happen to you.”

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I think it’s wonderful. For far too long groups that only supplied counseling and regular healthcare were denied funding simply because they may have had an abortion pamphlet on the counter.

When women are denied proper healthcare, they will seek alternative methods that could result in death.

Most everyone knows that even WITH birth control, women can get pregnant. Condoms break and slip, pills are not 100% effective and human error (forgetting a pill) can result in pregnancy.

There are reports out there that suggest that as many as 50% of US pregnancies are unwanted or unplanned.

The only way to prevent pregnancy is more education and available counseling.

I’m glad Obama overturned the gag policy. Go Obama!!!!

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I’m happy Obama has reversed the policy, as he was expected to do. Interestingly, he had planned on doing it on his first day in office, but put it off since that day coincided with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade – marked by the huge pro-life rally going on right outside his door. Pretty smart decision, I’d say.

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