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Would anyone consider using reversible vasectomies as teen birth control?

Asked by pekenoe (1404points) January 24th, 2009

With other options obviously not working, why not? Sterilization at 13 or 14, reversible when they are responsible enough to provide for a family.

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I would not like to see this type of birth control practiced for so many reasons.
With other reliable birth control choices, any kind of surgery would be the last option I would consider for teenagers.

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But… have choices accomplished anything? Giving a teen a choice is a little like letting Congress decide their own raises.

Stand back and look at the long term benefits of a sterile teen population, when they are 21 and have a sense of responsibility, let them breed.

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Somehow I managed to make it well into my adult years w/out getting pregnant. Additionally, my husband managed to not get anyone pregnant prior to yours truly…..

I don’t think reversible sterilization is necessary. Better education, access to birth control and better parenting, is….

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Too invasive. What a tragedy if the reversibility failed. Not worth it. Let’s go back to the
question of whether grownups should speak with their children about sex. Often and early. With humor and ease and affection. I vote yes.

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Like having Fido neutered to stop unwanted puppies, and to keep him from humping guests’ legs? While it may not be entirely effective, it would force the conversation about responsibility. I could just imagine the discussion when your mom has you hauled into the doctor’s office for the procedure.

It wouldn’t do anything to address STDs, however, and would perhaps exacerbate the spread. I have to think a more responsible focus on sex in television shows would help. Like the Gossip Girls having to deal with an outbreak of oral syphilis as part of the story line. Or finding out that being Jamie Spears with a baby is different than being Susie Ordinary with a baby.

A guy in our knitting group mentioned that he was solicited by two high school girls for a three way at a local high school football game. He’s in his 20’s and was quite taken aback. Sexting seems to be a growing trend among teens.

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No. Condoms also protect against STD’s and are a good habit to encourage in teens.

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Oh, hell, yes. My husband had this idea almost two decades ago, when our different kids went through puberty. Only he thought it ought to be done at birth, and the promise made and kept: once you demonstrate responsibility and contribute to the world instead of being a drain, you may be trusted with the even greater responsibility of rearing a responsible replacement with your genes.

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Mandatory state-imposed surgery performed on children?


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This may be the most disturbing idea ever proposed. State-sponsored neutering of children; what does that remind me of?
Also, sounds like a cowardly means to excuse inefficient parenting.
If you cannot muster the intestinal fortitude to speak to your children, or present a valid moral example for them to follow, take a long-overdue parenting class and some counsel.
I am not suggesting that your kids may not experiment regardlesss; but your parental responsibility absolutely includes sex-education- presented in a rational, friendly, loving manner.
Also, unprotected “neutered” sex (duh) will not prevent disease transmission (bigger duh).
“Herpes, not pregnancy!” Hooray.

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I have a better idea, be a parent!

This is like saying to your kids, “I don’t care if you have sex with anyone or everyone you want” it does not matter if your kids come home with herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, or maybe several.

Your kids should not have to suffer because you want to be a breeder and not a parent.

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For the record, our child did not have children until she graduated high school and was married.

We had a heart to heart discussion about sex when she was 13. Have you been asked by your child “What does it feel like”? Could you answer that honestly and truthfully?

Sex education in High School is a joke, the one that my grandchildren went to taught them to “abstain, do not have sex”. They forgot, however, to explain fully what “sex” was. Gee, that helps a lot.. ey?

What is the answer, obviously it’s not any programs that are in effect now. I keep hearing protection, education, counseling, parenting, if any of that worked we would not be having this conversation.

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No way in hell would I ever consider something like that. I wouldn’t even pierce my daughter’s ears, simply because it’s her body and not my choice. There is no way that parents should be able to alter their child’s body to that degree, reversible or not.

As everyone else said, it boils down to parenting. Teach your children yourself and if you don’t like the education their school offers, send them to a different school. Or just teach them what the school didn’t.

The fact is, people are sexual creatures, especially after puberty. Sometimes, no matter how much parenting or education is given, shit happens. Despite the fact that teens are having babies, that doesn’t give anyone the right, parents or not, to alter a female’s natural reproductive system.

Things do go wrong. Imagine someone’s daughter, grown and ready to start a family, only to realize that, whoops, they can’t reverse what was done. And her parents did it to her. I know that if something like that were to happen to me, I would have no problem completely disowning my parents and even suing the shit out of them.

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@DrasticDreamer I was referring to a vasectomy, clamping a males cords to stop the flow of sperm.

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Either way. Same thing. Wouldn’t do it. Though admittedly, that’s kind of embarrassing. Heh. :D But yeah, it’s the same concept and I don’t think it should be done.

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When sex ed in schools started, families stoped talking. Fifty years ago, when sex ed was unheard of, teenage pregancy was a rare event.

Instead of depending on sex ed in school, be a parent, it is a lot more effective.

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It’s expensive (relative to condoms), not always reversible, and doesn’t protect against disease transmission. Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

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God no, in addition to the reasons listed above, we’re talking about teenagers. How much do you want to bet that they’ll just use it as an excuse to have more sex, use fewer condoms and while fewer teen pregnancies might occur I’m sure there would be higher STD rates and higher infertility long-term. Sounds horribly flawed.

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What a bunch of hypocrites! If a female teen can make a decision about her health with birth control pills, IUD’s, and abortion (all of which can have potentially high risks) then why can’t a boy do the same? Pills don’t protect from HIV either, hypocrite! I should be able to make the choices with my body too! There are chances of becoming infertile from abortions as well. Why is there no discussion about that? Be fair and let us decide what we want to do with our bodies!

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The spread of disease will always be here, however being sterilized one will not pass on the disease to the would be offspring. Many feel a violation of freedom, but in reality sterilization gives you so much more! The potential to become an accountable, productive member of society, straight from the gate! Then finally at the age of 32 when you have realized your self actualization… now you may have a child, after you pass the parenting exam and obtain a child permit ;) of course!

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not just a great idea but an awesome idea. talk about saving this country a fortune. also saving so many young girls and women from unwanted pregnancies. it is time to put pressure on the males of this society. further more it could be a free option for the male teen. but made mandatory if they are in the walfare system. Hell if their parents can’t take care of them then why should we also raise their offspring. for too many years the young women of this world have had to bare the burden of sexual desire run amok. Sex will happen. And maybe just maybe we could make sure that if the decision to have sex is a spontaneous one that it need not lead to a life altering crises, for three or more people.
Yes yes yes. it is way beyond time to make that requirement. the reasons not too are mundane compared to abortion.

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