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Does anyone here use AirMouse App for iPhone?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9171points) January 24th, 2009

Is this not the best app in the world? I think it is well worth the 600 pennies.

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what does the app do?

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It turns your iPhone into a wireless touch screen mouse and keyboard for your home pc. It also includes hotkeys and controls for media and web

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oh…...... thanks for the information. I have not tryed it (obviously).

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I have it for my iphone 3g. Tell you the truth it could be better but it is very impressive.

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I have been curious about that app…how close is it in accuracy and feel to an actual optical mouse?

btw the hotkeys and keyboard are interesting too…how easy is that part to use, or is it just an add-on that is cumbersome?

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@sndfreQ Its a little odd because it translating the motion of the iphone with the built in accelerometer. I thought it felt very fragile as to not have to move that much. It can be used as a touchpad also though which i thought was a very cool a rewarding feature. All other features like the hot keys to boot iTunes for example are very simple. Just remember as of right now its windows only. Mac version is coming soon.

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Picked up an iPhone this week and was the pretty much the first thing I downloaded. Have to say i’m very impressed so far.

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