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Vegetarian and wheat and gluten-free chicken substitute?

Asked by Ria777 (2677points) January 24th, 2009

the only fake chicken I know about changed its recipe so that it has soy sauce in it now. can anyone suggest an alternative, please?

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What is fake chicken?

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eat the gulten, it wont hurt you as mush as you can be lead to believe

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if I didn’t know I had a problem with gluten, I wouldn’t have asked the question.

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Oh good, another opportunity to plug one of my favorite products

Have you tried Quorn? I think it’s hands down the best “chickeny” vegetarian stuff out there. Even if I weren’t vegetarian, I’d be noshing down on this. Comes in all kinds of forms (chunks, nuggets, “filets”, “roasts”...), and is pretty widely available.

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Quorn uses wheat. note the “wheat” and “gluten-free” part of the equation. and yes, it does take great.

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Darn! Sorry..

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My sister bakes hard tofu in the oven until it is crispy and simply slices off some.
Is tofu on the forbidden list? Why bother with fake chicken. “Skim milk masquerades as cream” is untrue.

How about stuffing a pepper or cabbage leaves with brown rice and some sauted veggies?

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no, I can eat tofu. good ideas. I had thought of cooking from scratch.

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Google “baked tofu” for several simple recipes. The general idea is to slice the firm tofu as you would bread, coat with a little tamari, olive or sesame oil and bake on one side for about 20 minutes at 375. Turn, recoat, add a little minced garlic and bake on other side. Many variations – sesame seed topping, crisp vs. chewy.

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I like Yuba. It’s a by-product of tofumaking – kind of like the “skin” that forms on top of the vat. However, in a rolled-up form, it’s often sold as a vegan chicken substitute. I like the texture very much. If you expect it to be exactly like chicken, it’s a disappointment, but if you take it for what it is, it’s pretty good.

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@gailcalled, thanks for the tips. I tried to make something like that today (before reading your post). turned out a partial success.

@laureth, I have eaten that in Asian vegan restaurants and not seen it for sale. thanks, though!

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@Ria777: Check this one out.

And for the toaster oven, this.

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@Gail – I want to try the “Baked Tofu Recipe with Soy and Sesame”.

I also want to try one of the comments below the recipe:
” I had planned on making Bittman’s tofu tonight myself. I love this easy way of preparing it. One thing he suggests that I always do now, is to freeze the tofu after you buy it. I do this right in the original packaging. Then thaw it out and prepare it just as you did. It gives the tofu a “meatier” texture and the crust that develops on top is just great!”

Okay I am hungry now – gotta eat breakfast!

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I bought the tofu today and have put it in the freezer. Plan to bake it over the weekend. Even our teen son wants to try it!

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Thanks for posting this! I’d been wanting to make some vegetarian chicken noodle soup but since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was starting to despair I wouldn’t be able to have it again. I’ll try and track down some Yuba for it.

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