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Notebook w/ replaceable pages?

Asked by shared3 (921points) January 24th, 2009

Basically, I’ve seen a notebook where you can rip out pages (obviously not really rip off, but more like how a binder works) but then put them back. Does anyone know about this?

And don’t tell me that I should just use a binder. This notebook is far superior considering how often pages get accidentally ripped out of my binder.

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Circa notebooks?|level=2-3

Is this what you had in mind? There are refills available too.
It’s a snazzy idea.

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A Notebinder?

Thanks for reminding me. I intend to get one of those.

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I must make a note of that and stick it on the fridge!

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I was going to say Circa notebooks, but seekingwolf beat me to it. I love them – you can even buy a Circa whole punch, so you don’t necessarily have to buy the super-expensive Levenger paper – just buy the binding rings and covers, and you can make your own notebooks!

I recommend one of the starter kits to see how you like it – they’re pretty cheap, and you can put the parts together however best fits your needs.

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@shadling21: Those are the one’s I was thinking of when I read this question. I use Notebinders for ALL of my subjects. They’re wonderful for organization, and especially for those classes in which the teachers require you to keep your notebook in a particular order. plus, the addition of graph paper is great, too ;)

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I think the Moleskine notebooks has refills. Great notebooks, btw. A bit expensive, obviously.

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Have to agree with the Circa supporters. Levenger has all different sizes of page (and graph paper). I wrote my much of my masters thesis long-hand using a Circa notebook. I had all of my citations on little Circa pages that just clipped in to the appropriate spot. It was terrific!

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Staples has a cheaper version of the circa. I bought one ream of the paper and then made copies, so that I didn’t have to spend a fortune on paper. I believe Staples is cheaper than the other brands and they have some cute designs and good accessories.

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