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Who loves Lido Shuffle?

Asked by ihbh (40points) January 24th, 2009

I’m a teen and heard this song on the radio and just adore it. so much fun to dance around to. every part of it is its own epic little piece. some songs only have that one part that makes you rewind and listen again. anyone else back me up on the boz scaggs loving?

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I’ve always been a fan of Boz Scaggs and I think his two best albums are Silk Degrees and Hits. Another favorite song of mine by him is Lowdown and I think that and Lido Shuffle were probably his two biggest hits.

I purchased a Boz Scaggs concert DVD a while back (Boz Scaggs Greatest Hits Live) taped at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and it is a very good performance by Boz and his band.

Did you know that Boz Scaggs was with the Steve Miller Band for their first two albums?

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I’m there!!

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Count me in. I have been a fan since Silk Degrees. Went and saw him live about that time. I just got Speak Low which is nice. I find his voice so comforting.

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