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If you escaped to live a very simple life, where would you go?

Asked by cage (3111points) January 24th, 2009

We’re talking total exclusion and self-sufficiency.
Mine would be to the highlands of Scotland.
The British Isles ‘last wilderness’.

incase you don’t know, self sufficiency is basically where you try to produce all your food and fuel by yourself

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Love your choice of the Scottish Highlands, cage. That would be a neat place to live. I’d probably opt for islands in the Pacific Ocean such a Tahiti or Bora Bora.

I might have to go the Gilligan’s Island route at some point and be like the professor and get a little inventive in coming up with things that I might need or want.

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My wife’s hometown in Italy, Castel del Giudice

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The USA, yeah!

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Hm…A beach in Italy. Maybe Tuscany though I am not a fan of their bread

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Back home to my place in Florida. You’ll see in this question why I would have to ‘live off the land. My wasband is pretty much destroying the place, and at present there isn’t even a working well there. I think in no time at all there will also be no electricity, so once I move home, I will have to start all over again.

It’s 5 acres of woods, so it feels like you are in the wilderness when you are there. the ex is “helping” it to feel more rugged as we speak! :(

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Somewhere warm and wet with a beach and plenty of fish.

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My first thought was Alaska, but I doubt I would survive the first winter. So, a desolate beach in Belize. Tropical breezes, pristine wilderness, abundant wildlife…...paradise.

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if it was possible to have a simple life anywhere i would go to Hawaii

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Africa, I would visit all the places from The Lion King.

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Jamaica Mon. It would be so much easier to be self sufficient somewhere warm and fertile.

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I think I’d go with the Polynesian Islands, too. Temeprate weather, fish, and far away from the news.

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I always wanted to own a yacht that I could sail to various locations around the world because its hard for me to settle on one place.

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A small uninhabited Island in the ocean, away from shipping lanes, flight paths, or where anyone might stumble onto my island. Then live in peace for the rest of my life.

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Half-way up the mountain on Maui. Absolutely breathtaking view, near 72 degrees year-round.

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I wanna go to Jamaica with Buster

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I was gonna say Scotland! Well, I can’t live there now, if someone else is going to be there!

I suppose I could go to some isolated place on New Zealand’s South Island.

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Isle of Skye. Gulf Stream makes it pretty temperate and it’s shockingly beautiful and the people are nice and there’s whiskey and the daylight lasts till 10:30 a.m. in summer. You can cut peat, so you don’t need to pay the gas company for your heat. Plenty of fish and potatoes and lamb chops. Mmmm. I wouldn’t raise all my own food, but I’d raise some and put it up for the winter, and I could trade painting – paint your furniture for you, Farmer McGregor? – for lamb chops. And haggis.

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But my grandbaby would have to come too or I would miss her too much. That’s her in the left corner of our mutual portrait. She turned 2 this week. She is brilliant.

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@susancFarmer McGregor? Only if his first name is Ewan. Just sayin’. ::sigh::

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@aprilsimnel: “paint your furniture for you?” is a time-honored Skye come-on. Yes,
THAT “Farmer McGregor”. Mmmmmmm

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i don’t think i could do the food production and fuel thing. simple to me wouldn’t be that simple! i think i would live in upstate new york, just to be fairly close to family. as someone who has been in a bad auto accident, one criteria would be there would have to be good medical care within about 25 mile radius.

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I guess it would have to be some pacific island. But not too hot (if this is at all possible)

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I would go to Tristan da Cunha
Tristan da Cunha is the primary island of the Tristan da Cunha island group, consisting of six islands at approximately 37°15’ South, 12°30’ West

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The small floating temple from Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring)

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To a small self sustained town in the mountains( colorado, northern or southern cali)

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Probably a place near a body of water, a mountain, maybe caves and a forest/woods. Some local folks would be nice for company. I’d have a farm there, some animals to take care, some vegetation to feed. I could use some electricity, internet for fluther haha.
I’m still not 100% sure where that place is though.

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I already live in the mountains on property but…my dream would be Costa Rica, custom treehouse. lol

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