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If you could choose to live in a time period, which would it be?

Asked by cage (3123points) January 24th, 2009

This can include the future, and obviously include different time periods in different countries. i.e. Roman Empire or Tudors in England.

I think I would have to go with Medieval.
Being a complete fudging nerd the idea of real dungeons and dragons excites me greatly.even though I don’t play it
Also, who wouldn’t want to hack your enemies face of with a sword!? :D perfectly legal!

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The nineties.

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I’d want to be a wealthy American or British industrialist in the 19th century. Lots of new innovations to be excited about without the drudgery of factory work.

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I’d like to be in the English Renaissance.
(I would secretly not be Christian, and would not have children.)

It’s a mix of the old and new…old morals from the Greco-Roman era melds with new ideas and technology that starts to come out. Oh, and Shakespeare! ‘Nuff said.

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I’ve always liked reading about the Victorian Era.

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This one, or the future. Things have only been getting better from a social point of view so I wouldn’t want to live with less than I have now, but I could dig the future if things keep getting better.

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@seekingwolf lol :) lots of reasons. I’ve always enjoyed the
*camp cage enters
“fabulous” clothes
*camp cage exits
of that era

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The Enlightenment, but of course Mamradpivo is right that you need to be rich as well.

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I would have loved to live in the 20’s or late 40’s.
Style, non-sense, scotch and cigarettes were a staple. Women were sexy and men were men. Lawyers did not sue over a slip on the ice and people trusted their government. Idea’s were still fresh, people took care of their lawns and the cars, oh’ the cars and motorcycles were just amazing. Engineering was more art and less math. Flying was a luxury and there was no answering machines or cell phones. People took the time to write, time to say hello and got to know the people they lived around. School was not called on account of the snow, doctors still made housecalls and worked on sliding scales.

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1920s France: smokey jazz clubs, artists and writers, sexual freedom and fabulous food and scenery.

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Well, I’m pretty excited about the future, so I’d have to pick that one. Failing that, though, the 20s would be very cool (providing that you didn’t also have to live through the great depression). Also, sans Vietnam, New York in the 60s and early 70s would be pretty awesome.

Also, @cage, I feel compelled to point out that Medieval Europe and Dungeons and Dragons have almost nothing to do with one another. Unless, of course, the members of the adventuring party lose all their teeth, contract some horrible skin disease, are forced to give all the treasure they collect to the king, and then die in the Crusades.

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@Hobbes well like I said I don;t play it. I was going along the likes that Dragons and such were more commonly accepted in medieval times and that the D+D franchise and Medieval Europe have the same ‘feel’ if you will.
I apologise for not giving a more accurate and less fun example.

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I wish I was born in 1949.

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@tennesseejac, because…you’d like to be turning 60 this year?

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@tennesseejac I bet it’s because Grady the Cow, a 1,200-pound cow, gets stuck inside a silo on a farm in Yukon, Oklahoma and garners national media attention, right?

thanks wiki

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Sorry, cage – I was just poking fun, I didn’t intend to come off as mean. Also, the information you just gave me concerning Grady the Cow has improved my life by at least a factor of ten.

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@Hobbes I aim to please. And I usually hit the target.

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@Jeruba I would have been a hippy, the cars back then were AWESOME and could have experienced JFK

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Can you pick a class as well as a period? Can you mix fictional characters with the time frame? If so, I’d like to be Elizabeth Bennett in Regency England. “Fabulous” clothes (thanks, cage), beautiful scenery, a fairly socially liberal period, and best of all, Mr. Darcy and Pemberley at the end.

If I can’t be a fictional character, I would like to be a politician, social reformer or novelist in Victorian England. Lots of room for reform, exciting new ideas and again, beautiful countryside.

Then again, there’s Renaissance Florence, Spain in the 11th century (well before the Spanish Inquisition), Paris in the 20s. Where’s my Wayback Machine, Sherman?

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@janbb—if we can pick anything at all I want to be Hazel Haverley, maverick inventor of the nuclear cheese slicer and explorer of an alternate future’s past. There will be Steampunk.

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@fundevogel – Never mind, I’m switching to yours. I’ll be Phineas McCoy, airship captain extraordinaire, with a quick gun hand and an even quicker wit. Also, I have those cool goggles.

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I would love to live just after fire was discovered

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I’d rather be able to hop from time to time and place to place at will. I like modern medicine, air conditioning, being able to vote, indoor plumping, recorded and/or amplified music, and ice makers. There are a lot of times and places that I’d love to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

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@tennesseejac – I wish I was born in 1949, too – in London. Or I’d like to have come of age just after WWI, but live in Europe. Everybody Charleston!

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…what another delightful question from cage

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@tennesseejac, you’re right that the sixties were a great time to come of age. I think no other generation in the past century had more fun except those who were young in the Roaring Twenties.

Most Baby Boomers were not hippies, of course. Hippies were simply noticed way out of proportion to their numbers. Also there were many (like me) who were part-time hippies, holding straight jobs and paying the rent but spending their playtime differently.

But I know young people in their twenties right now who are spiritual heirs of the hippies, in their lifestyle, attitudes, and appearance. You haven’t missed your chance!

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‘20s in Paris, France.

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I always wanted to be a flapper, so I’ll take the roaring 20s. Like cyndyh though, I’d only want to visit.

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First I would prefer to REMEMBER what it was like NOW and Then I’d love to live in the 1930–40’s. You rarely heard about divorces. Whose spouse abused them? Cars were solid w/lots of chrome and lasted a long time. Lawn mowers weren’t motorized and were very quiet. Cars were fewer due to less population and it made for quiet neighborhoods. Family members had set roles. No fuzzy margins. The music was great. Each song sounded different from the other. Rock n Roll was in it’s infancy and Elvis had not been discovered yet. Sha-boom and Rock Around the Clock were nearly the first rock songs and it must have been So exciting to hear Elvis sing, “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” Girls played with dolls and boys played with marbles, cap pistols and toy trucks. No fuzzy margins. Smoking a ciggie was scandalous unless you were a parent and then, most did it. Menthol cigarettes were considered “good for colds.” People could leave their houses unlocked. Who got on drugs and robbed homes? It was common for family members to know “when is dinner?” and they ate together. The smells of home-cooked meals could be enjoyed each night. Kids tended to go to church on Sundays and they knew each other from school. If you went to the beach for vacation the water wasn’t gray-it was blue and clean. The beaches were clean. It was a status symbol if you got a transistor radio or a tv and you’d be the envy of everyone on the block. Sadly, you had to actually get out of your chair to change the channel if you were lucky enough to have one tv set. Mom didn’t ‘work late.’ She tucked you into bed at night and heard your prayers. Did your BF or GF dump you so you reached for a drug? No; you cried and it was a terrific catharsis. The pain left quickly, cleanly, healthfully. Campaign buttons were worn on coats even in grade school and “I Like Ike” was a common phrase. People loved their President and didn’t feel distrust for the candidates because they were kept in the dark about the sins being committed, if any. Ignorance was bliss. Such an innocent time.
OK; now you can flame me.

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@Aster No flaming, but I do think you’ve idealized that time period. For instance, drugs and spousal abuse definitely existed. You might not have heard about it so much, but it was certainly happening.

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@augustlan , you think guys were dealing crack on streetcorners in 1950? Kids were sitting around smoking weed at their friends’ homes in 1945? I disagree but you’re probably right about men bashing their wives and girlfriends around. That favorite pasttime to let off steam has probably been around Forever.

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@Aster Crack? In 1950? No. But people were certainly smoking weed, shooting heroin, snorting regular old cocaine, and God knows what else. Heck, lots of folks were addicted to Opium in the early 1900s! Going even farther back, people used to chew on the leaves of plants to get high. Human beings have been using drugs practically forever.

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Victorian England, as a pickpocket.

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