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What type of vacuum is better for picking up lots of cat hair, a bagless vacuum or a traditionl vacuum with a bag?

Asked by tinyfaery (43926points) January 24th, 2009

Question is pretty much self-explanatory.

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I’d say it depends more on where you are disposing the hair.
What’s more convenient to you?
The little handy ones are usually bagless aren’t they? and they;re designed to pick up pet hair.

I know we’ve used both on our dog’s hair. Personal preference then.

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I love my Dyson pet vacuum, It’s worth every penny. 3.5 cats and a Jack Russell here. Gets all of the dust and stuff the first pass.

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@AlfredaPrufrock I’m sorry to hear about your legless and tail-less cat.

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We have a cat and love our Sears Kenmore Bagless Progressive Vacuum. It has a dirt sensor on it so we know when it is clean by the light, by the way it takes alot longer to clean our carpet then I thought. I think it was rated top on consumer reports and it wasn’t as expensive as a Dyson. But we paid around 350 for it, worth every penny though!

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We have a Dyson Animal. I love it…I use it everyday and am appalled by the junk it picks up….

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@Snoopy – Oh my snoopy, I checked the link.
I missed a chance to judge you by your carpets?!
Where was I? I think I was judging you by your awesome answers and icons.

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The best vacuum ever. The Rainbow. It enters the dirt and dust collected into water. It’s amazing.

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Okay. Dyson Pet Vacuum.

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Dyson Pet Vacuum: the official vacuum of Fluther users.

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I have to agree, we have a Dyson Purple Animal and cats…nothing works as well.

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Dyson Pet Vacuum: the official vacuum of Fluther users.

And, I should add, endorsed by Milo. He is waiting for his headshots now.

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I have an older Dyson, not the Animal, but it’s the best I’ve ever had at picking up everything. It would suck the chrome off a bumper hitch, I believe.

In case you didn’t know, pet hair is a marvelous source of nitrogen to add to your compost pile. So are human detritus (90% of all dust, according to one source) and dryer lint, usually. Ergo, empty your bagless vacuum dust cup into the compost.

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I am deathly allergic to cats and dogs. Before my brother got the Dyson I could dose up on meds and only last about 3 hours at his house. Once they started using that baby, I can make it 6 to 8 depending how hard I laugh when I am there.

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I believe I might build a shrine to my Dyson Animal. Two dogs, one cat, one guinea pig, one boy, one teenage girl and oh yes, the husband! There aren’t words for how gross they are. I vacuum daily…and am always amazed at what is coming out of the area rugs and off my hardwood floors. I do my curtains, blinds (wood blinds) furniture and beds…yes, I am a clean freak! After I do all of that, I do my floors. It’s really scary what is there to be dumped out!

All hail the Dyson!

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Dyson Animal here.

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@andrew Perhaps Dyson would be willing to be a paid sponsor?

@Bri L (blushing)
My carpets are much nicer now….and dare I say, we all breath a bit easier….

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Dyson… Expensive, but worth every penny!

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@cage, Hahahaha Actually the .5 cat spends most of his time with a 90 year old neighbor, who loves him to death, but doesn’t want to worry about what will happen to him if she dies. So we “share” him.

I bought my Dyson after my neighbor’s husband went on and on about the vacuum. His face lit up talking about it.

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Shave the pussy! In the nicest possible manner of course…
Then dump the vacum…

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2 cats – dyson animal. $550. VERY worthwhile. love it!

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Any upright, preferably a top fill system. Superior suction and generally more powerful agitation.

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Honestly, I use a freaking old vacuum with a bag…I inherited it from my great great aunt…and it does an amazing job!

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Dyson here too. Three cats, one messy teen and one rambunctious 8 year old gives it a workout and a half. I wouldn’t be without it.

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@willbrawn I also have a Rainbow and LOVE it. I don’t think I could ever vacuum with any other type again.

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@the rainbow owners…I sold Kirby Home Maintenence Systems door to door for three years. Between Rainbows and Filter Queens, I don’t know which was the bigger piece of junk.

An upright will always have better suction because it doesn’t have to suck as far as a cannister. ‘Horsepower’, ‘Amps’, ‘Water Filtration’, these are all just fluff.

Physics rule.

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@Blondesjon – My favorite Physics joke is this

Gravity. It’s not just a good idea. It’s the law!

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@Blondesjon We’ve had our Rainbow for about 10–12 years now and it has held up wonderfully (and in our house, it takes a GREAT vacuum as we have 3 indoor cats and 3 indoor dogs… and we have a horse farm so there is A LOT of dirt tracked in). Our Rainbow has never let us down. It cleans better than the very expensive commercial vacuum my father has for his construction business. I use it in my car every couple weeks and it makes it look like it was professionally cleaned. Physics or not, it has been a great vacuum. You are completely entitled to your opinion of the brand, but there are absolutely no complaints here!

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Here’s another vote for the Dyson Animal.

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Use a Dyson Animal edition vacuum, and it’s not even close. You will be SHOCKED at what your old vacuum left behind.

ALSO: For cat hair issues, brush your cats with a cat hair brush at least weekly (if not daily) in spring and summer months.

ALSO: Full room HEPA filters are very useful as well.

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