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Will having dual-citizenship help me get into college?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) September 30th, 2007

I have dual citizenship between the US and Israel. Is this helpful? Will it reflect negatively? I doubt that it will, because I suppose they want to have a more diverse student body, but I dunno, maybe they don’t like it for some reason? Most likely it will mean nothing.

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I don’t think it will mean anything. Although it might be the basis for an interesting essay.

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Depends on where you are applying, whether you are bi-lingual, what kind of academic record and testing you have, and what interesting things you can contribute to a campus. On balance, it will be a plus, if you are a good fit w. the college or university, and the admissions office has to choose between you and a plain-vanilla US citizen of equal strength.

Are you living in Israel or the US. Have you lived in Israel as a teen-ager? Or do you have the dual citizenship simply due to nationality of yr parents?

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I was born in Israel, but I have lived here for the past 16 years. I speak Hebrew fluently.

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Where in Israel did you live? I lived in Jerusalem for a while and spent a few months here and there in different places around the country. I also just got back from a semester in Jerusalem, and speak Hebrew fluently.
Let me know if it helps with colleges ;)

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No. Though being Israeli might help you schmooze with a friendly Jewish professor who’ll help you get in.

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