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What's the most painful way to die (in your opinion)?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) January 24th, 2009

10 million ways to die, choose one.

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In fear and in pain.

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the worst way to die would be to die by ankle high boiling water that you can’t escape from. That is totally gruesome.

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either being eaten alive by a lion, or being strapped down and having someone slowly cut and peel your skin off and pour vinegar all over you until u die. that hurts even thinking about it!

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Well, when the vikings invaded I read a story about how they cut a priest’s stomach open and tied one end of his intestines to a tree, and made him walk around it so that he pulled his intestines out…


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Alone. And without hope.

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Anything slow and drawn out.

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In the belly of the all-powerful Sarlaac, where you would find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years.

or being burned alive.

the assyrians used to skin children alive. that’s not so great either.

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The American Indians would do this thing where they would bury someone up to there chest so that they couldnt get out, and then poor honey all over them so that the ants would eat them alive. Now that is painful!

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Burnt at the stake. Being drawn and quartered alive. Yeah, anything where I’m seeing my own innards being removed without benefit of anesthetic? Ugh. I would only hope the intense pain and fear would make me pass out and/or start my body’s own “mellowing-out” death drugs kicking in.

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on fire while being eaten by a shark

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Having a sharp stick rammed up your ass and then having it with you mounted so you slowly slide down it.

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Lovely question Mr./Mrs. Sakata! Can we go on to something more pleasant, like the national debt, flooding or the deep freeze on the E coast..

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Ok, I think I will stop following…. It’s getting too painful to read. You guys have quite the imaginations!!

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@cdwccrn That is not imagination. That really happens in some parts of the middle east as punishment.

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On stage during open mike night.

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Being buried alive with an infinite loop of Fran Drescher’s laugh playing.

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Getting stuffed into a wood chipper feet first.

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In Fargo (the movie) the guy was put in head first in he chipper! What a sight, the feet sticking out and a plie of red goo on the ground.

I’m with cdwccrn, good bye guys!

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Burning to death would be the most painful way to die, in my opinion. Drowning would be the most frightening way to die I think.

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Nerve Gas that didn’t kill you just merely paralyzed you so you can be consumed by the various types of cannibals spread out across a room.

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@Jamkas Cannibals hate the way nerve gas makes the skin taste though so we are safe from that demise.

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Brazen bull. It’s basically where you get cooked alive inside a giant bronze oven that looks kind of bull shaped (hence the name). I also thought some of the ways in the movie Seven were pretty awful. I think the worst is how the hooker died… shudder

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Alone, unloved, and unremembered.

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All the above would probably result in shock and loss in your sense of pain so, in my opinion, I don’t count the generic “gruesome, terrible death”.

For me it would be to die and having no one that cares. Think about that. I don’t care who the heck you are… it would be suck to die knowing that no one cared enough or liked you enough to even think about you.

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Also dying nude in front of a bunch of people.

That wouldn’t be cool. Don’t know how it would exactly happen, but I’m sure it’s possible.

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I knew I should have used the word “physically” in the question.

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Liver failure.

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Being hanged with a bungee cord. You’d keep almost dying.

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Reading through this entire thread and then being told, at gun point, that I have to pick one. (sigh)

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I agree with Curious404. You people are sick, but I now have some great new death scenes for my fiction writing Way to go, Chuck, open mike night is a truly horrible death scene.

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I’m torn between going feet-first through a deli-slicer and being buried alive.

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Freezing or drowning…yikes!!!!

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Freeezing isn’t bad, I’ve read. You get drowsy, go to sleep, and a few hours later you are a Popsicle.

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What flavor popsicle? Mmmmm Popsicle.

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Soylent green is people!

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@AstroChuck damn tasty too! ohwait it’s what?

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@judochop a People Popsicle, with real meat.

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Being a Nazi and having the Ark melt your face off

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Death by a Thousand Cuts, a true form of execution devised by our Arab friends. Each part that is cut off is fed to a dog while you watch. That is, if you can pry your eyes open.

Personally, I think watching a marathon of movie musicals would be a very bad way to go, but perhaps that’s just me.

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Baliwood musical videos. Shudder

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: I was going to lurve you until I saw that second half. I love musicals…

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I’ll lurve ya. One thing though, it wouldn’t be that painful because you would be dying in your sleep!

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Falling in a vat of hot oil. Getting fried.

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Sowed in a bag with a monkey, a dog and a snake and thrown in the river.

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@Tao, see? To me, that would be a menage a trois!

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I mean sewn.

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Sewn! there you go! I’m German, I’m allowed to :)

Seeing as the dog has teeth, the snake painful venom and the ape hands, and they’re all going to be unhappy about drowning, the only thing you can hope for is that the snake bites the monkey and the dog eats the snake.

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Quartering. Drowning or boiling alive or getting eaten by something—while all slow and prolonged, i think i would prefer to being quartered. It’s an old school punishment where they tie each limb (and sometimes your genitals, gentlemen) to a different horse and then send them all running in the opposite direction, so you split apart. Ack! Thinking about it makes me cringe.

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The most painful way to die would be a combination of both physical and emotional pain. Can you imagine loving everyone you met with all your heart but knowing that alot of them would go to hell because of the choices they make. Then being betrayed by a close friend and scourged (pieces of flesh being ripped from your body by a whip made with hooks). Being spit upon, beaten and mocked. Having nails driven into your hands and feet. Having a crown made of thorns dig into your head. Being put up on a cross to be crucified in humilation; naked. This was how Jesus Christ died and He did it out of His great love for you and me. He was forsaken by His friends in His time of need and even His Father in heaven looked away as He died because His holy Son was made into something filthy as our sin entered Him. In those moments He was completely alone and with no one, but still He cried out “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” There is no worse way to die then this and He did it so we could be forgiven if we accept His sacrifice.

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Umm… yea… I think I’m gonna go with burned at the stake by a small fire. That last answer’s cool too though. The whole dick-friend, spitting, naked thing would suck. Makes me really glad I’m not Mexican like that guy.

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they say the the posion from a stone fish is the most painful thing a human can feel. It attacks all the systems of the body at once, and feels like slowly being burned alive from the inside out.

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You soak a towel and force it down another persons throat into the stomach. Wait until the victim starts to digest it. Then pull it up, together with the stomach lining. The victim will take about a week to die, in excruciating pain. That is sometimes referred to as something used at a “Russian Gulag”.
I don’t think it’s possible, But I’ve heard of it before…

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Having a microplane grater used on your entire skin surface, down to the meat, then have salt sprinkled all over your skinless body. Now send in red ants, rats, mice, cats, dogs, and birds. Then leave you locked in a completely dark room with all of them chewing on you. I think that’d be slow and bad.

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To be paralyzed to where you can’t talk or walk or do anything but you know everything that is going on and for years you have people act like your braindead and do everything for you and than you get a heart attack out of years of sheer frustration

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not painful but uncomfortable. drowning or suffocating being asphyxiated

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finger nails getting slowly ripped, then vinegar poured on the wounds. slowly sawing each and every one of my fingers off, then dipped in salt. getting my mouth sewn together with a rusty, edgy needle, then getting my eyelids ripped off. getting stabbed through both cheeks on my face and putting hooks on them with 10 pound weights on the ends. getting whipped with shards of glass then getting thrown on a bed of nails and showered with vinegar. while on the bed of nails getting the chinese water torture would really suck then getting your skin getting slowly ripped and peeled of, then poured in acid, burned and put in a water tank to drown…that would indeed be a painful way to die

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Being burned alive.

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Trapped in a porta potty on a 100 degree day.

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