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Do you believe in organ transplantation?

Asked by cdwccrn (3605points) January 24th, 2009 from iPhone

Related question: have you signed a donor card?

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Yupp, on both questions. When I go, I would love to see my pathetic life finally be of importance to someone else ^^

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I am sure your life has meaning to those around you. If you really think your life is pathetic, its not too late to…...

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I don’t believe because I know it’s real.

Yes, I do. No, I am not an organ donor for a variety of personal reasons.

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Yeah, I really don’t see any moral problem with organ transplants so if people want to do it its no problem. I’m registered as a donor if something ever happens to me.

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There is not a single reasonable argument against organ transplantation.

Yes, I am a donor.

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Yes, and no Not one… They probably wouldn’t want any of my organs anyways… I am not even allowed to give blood.

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Absolutely and yes, I am a donor. Did you know that an adult kidney can be split and given to two small recipients, like babies? That is amazing to me.

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Yes and yes.

the liver may be a bit…stiff

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Yes and yes.

There’s a little heart on my license.

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Yep and yep. They won’t take my kidneys, but everything else is up for grabs :)

@KingMalefic I can’t give blood either (health reasons) but they say the organs are fine…

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Yes and yes.

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Yes and yes

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