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What's the deal with sandwiches?

Asked by jonbo2 (20points) January 24th, 2009

I’m tired of American sandwiches/subs. Do any other cultures have sandwiches like the ones that I’m used to in the US?

By sandwich, I mean meat/filling between two slices of bread or on a sub roll – NOT rolled up in naan, tortilla, or pita. Unless the two slices of bread/sub idea is a purely American/western one? Do any other countries have sandwiches like this? What are the best ones to try?

Also worth noting before you answer: Yes, I’ve had a panini before.

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Well, we didn’t invent them. Or even that style of sandwich.


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When buying sandies in Sweden you can get most of those variations you named. My favs are subs with parma ham, mozzarella cheese and a good olive oil. And sundried tomato. Yum!

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Try Bánh mì, dude. Er… if you are a dude.

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Go to a In & Out and get one of there combos not mentioned on there menu like the double wrapped in lettuce instead of bread.

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KingMelfic: I’m pretty sure, and this might be a long shot, that In and Out is very distinctly American. What are some other suggestions for sandwiches I should try from other countries?

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If you’re so concerned with foreign sandwiches, enjoy this monstrosity.

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I’ve seen the wikipedia page on sandwiches, any personal recommendations? I’m very interested in sandwiches from eastern countries – Banh Mi looks delicious, but what is the best place to start with them? What is the classic Banh Mi sandwich?

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Looking for different, try the Elvis special. Spread a good layer of peanut butter on a slice of bread, slice a banana and lay it on the peanut butter, top with the other slice of bread. Have a skillet hot, butter one side of the sandwich, put butter side down in skillet, butter the other side of sandwich, turn when brown, brown both sides, eat while warm. Sounds…... not so special. But, it’s a treat, and Elvis loved them.

Sorry, I thought you were open to ideas from here. I’m gonna leave the post anyway, cause it’s good.

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Sandwich shops in London/Britain (in 1993 at least) were ubiquitous and had a wide variety of fillings available, including Indian-seasoned ones like Chicken Tiki.

There’s also a documentary on American sandwiches that highlight some more esoteric regional offerings.

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Kevbo – what is the documentary called? I’d love to see it.

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Don’t remember. Try Google.

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@asmonetBut it’s well full of carby, Heinz brown sauce-y goodness! Especially after two pints of Old Specked Hen! Don’t ask me how I know!

@jonbo2 – I’ve had bánh mì, and also a type of Chinese sandwich that had pickled vegetables and was made with beef tongue. No one told me it was tongue until after the first few bites. The bread was fantastic, though, very light with a bit of a onion-y flavor. Cuban sandwiches are popular where I am, with ham, roasted pork, sweet mustard, sliced pickles, and cheese on a roll-type bread. Sometimes it’s pressed. It’s all right.

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@jonbo2 : very true… I just broke it down like this in my thoughts no matter what you do or country it is still gonna be more then likly two bread slices of some variety and some filling. Its still a sandwhich (I don’t actually like sandwhichs I pick them apart and eat individual things Not the prettiest eating habit or ettiquette)

So usually in a meat one its pork beef or chicken, which kinda bores me and then the bread and vegetable toppings, I would be more intersted in where to go to get in the area of residence something different on a sandwhich goat or some other meat variety.

I suppose ultimitly thats what your asking? right or things to make up at home?

Brain is fried from work

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@pekenoe: He also liked a loaf of white bread, carved out, filled with penaut butter and jelly, and half a pound of bacon. Feeds twelve people or one Elvis.

It’s actually kind of delicious.

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I do not like sandwiches too much. :S
It is too plain and boring.

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Well, this sandwich is rolled in pita bread, but I had a friend/co-worker from Saudi Arabia who brought me one every week and it was delicious!

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In Australia they are called “sangers” and in most shops you direct the construction yourself from a variety of fillings, the usual meats but also things like capsicum (peppers), roasted egg plant slices, all sorts of unusual stuffings. I like french fry or chip sandwiches, never thought I would say that but if you eat a couple of fries between bread you don’t eat as many fattening fries in total! Salad rolls are good too, just like they sound a salad on a roll but no dressing, most salads here come without dressing, very strange.

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@joni1977: Ah, see there’s the problem. He doesn’t want a plain normal sandwich, but he doesn’t want anything with naan, pita or tortilla either. Basically, he wants a plate of food with nothing in it resembling a sandwich but he still wants it to be a sandwich. That’s how it seems to me anyway.

Good luck, dude.

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@asmonet Seems to me you’re absolutely right! LMAO

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I think I found just the thing!

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How about trying a Shawarma?

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@Bluefreedom: Look five quips above yours. :P

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asmonet: I don’t want a sandwich that is traditionally considered American cuisine.

Sometimes I consider paying 5 dollars to join question-and-answer sites like Ask Metafilter, where douchebags like this guy get flagged and deleted for so much as wasting anyone’s time with wannabe snarky bullshit rather than just answering the goddamned question or shutting the fuck up and moving on. I guess some people just get a rise out of typing shit and seeing it posted on the internet, despite not having any interest in contributing to the purpose of the site, which could potentially be great except assholes like asmonet seem to ruin it.

To the rest of you, thanks for your suggestions whether they were on target or not. I really do appreciate it. I don’t appreciate snarky off topic bullshit, though.

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Wow, I inspired all that garbage? I’m flattered. :)

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Asmonet = female, and does not usually inspire such hatred!

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@asmonet. I misplaced my observations skills. Whoops! :o)

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How bout a Mexican torta? For example a torta de lengua, which is a nice white roll that’s crusty on the outside and puffy on the inside, filled with slices of delicious beef tongue, lettuce, strips of maybe nopales, and other good Mexi condiments. You get the flavor of the tongue but not the texture, which some people find scary (not me, I love it).

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Whoa….mods….what’d I do?
they are unpredictable

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[mod says:] @90s_kid I’ve reversed the censorship on your response for clarity and openness. Please try to be helpful in the future though; as stated in the guidelines, moderators can remove unhelpful and off-topic content.

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Where do they live. The wasteland set of a Mad Max movie? Who barbecues next to the railroad tracks?

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I love Shawarma!

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Have you heard of “bunny chow”? Perhaps do a search on it. Its yum! a loaf of bread carved out of its filling so a cave is produced, whereupon delicious curry is placed. The “lid” is put back on (which is the bread end.) The gravy seeps into the loaf and you use the lid to “dip”. It’s my towns well known favourite.

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Google, “The Earl of Sandwich” credited with making the first one, in England, hence the name; in case you were wondering.

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What’s the deal with sandwiches?

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