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In The Movie "Conversations Of Other Women" Is The Man The Womens Ex Husband?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) January 24th, 2009

I really liked tihs movie, but its kind of confusing. Is the man (Aeron Ekhart) the womens (Helena Bonham Carter)ex husband? At the beginning she says that the people at the wedding are her ex husbands friends. And turns out she and the man have a past. Is he her ex husband? or just one of her old boyfriends?

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I couldn’t finish that movie, but I think yes, he was.

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yeah I think so because they start talking and there are soo many hints that he is. Im watching it right now and near the of the movie I found out that he is. This movie is really well writen.

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Ekhart and Carter were youthful sweetheart/lovers. They were never married to each other. They’d gone seperate ways years ealier, and bumped into each other at that wedding-gathering-hotel. Then, decided to see if the old flame still burned as before, hence the flash-backs of their amorous much younger selves. Good movie. Very effectively gives insight as to how much they’ve both changed through the years, especially while Helen is in the shower and Aeron is talking up a storm without her awarness whatsoever.

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@yanslonski, I think your wrong. There are countless hints that he is her ex-husband. And also near the end after she gets off the phone with her current husband they talk about it and it very clear he is actually her ex-husband. Also at one point in the movie she asks: “how long were we married then?” while they are talking about when she was under a tree reading a book. And he replies “eight months”. I just watched the movie after I asked the question and I just noticed all these things that tell me he is the ex-husband

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