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How can I open a file in .pym formatting?

Asked by ArmyWife0112 (97points) January 24th, 2009

My previous employer attached my W-2 to an e-mail, but it’s in some sort of macro formatting… I think, lol… I know it ends in .pym and I can’t read it through any of the programs on my computer, or so it seems. I could really use some advice here…

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Using the website you can search the file extension and see its uses in most scenarios. In this case though the file extension seems to a python macro file and incorrectly exported with proprietary software, could you possibly get the message resent?

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Wow, I’m sorry, you’re response went a little over my head… How can you tell it was sent incorrectly? And is there anyway I can retrieve it without it being resent??? That employer is a PAIN to get in touch with!!

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Install Python on your computer, then try opening it through that

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